Home Again + Party at the Lake

Annnnnnnnnnd we're home (thanks to Annie for this great out-the-airplane-window capture).
Just in the nick of time too, as school time and all its chaos has already begun and we are right back in the swings of things! However, after a really chill and rejuvenating summer, I'm happy to report that we all seem up to the task(s) so far. (Don't remind me that we're only 4 days in.)
After we returned home, but before the dreaded alarm clocks started going off before 7am, we snuck in a birthday party for one of Annie's favorite dance buds. This fella is an absolute jewel, and we feel very fortunate to have him around for partnering in ballet.
 The party was at picturesque spot on the lake, where the kids enjoyed the warm water and I remembered what humidity feels like. 

 We also enjoyed ICEE POPS (some more than others!) and cupcakes and just being in a beautiful spot on our last Saturday of summer.
My dad has gotten into a certain art app (Prisma) and I was stoked to send him a picture of where we were, knowing he would immediately be able to turn it into a work of art. He totally came through.
 Can you spot Annie? Yeah, me neither. But she was there and so were we (not pictured, doesn't make much of a difference here does it?) and it was a happy afternoon.


walt or jean said…
What a beautiful place you live. Hope Zane can get back into the pool soon and Annie get back to dancing. Oh and Michelle back to her beloved choir and students. Thanks to Brandon for his help and for sharing his wonderful family.
wyomingmom said…
looks so fun and I love the art picture