1st Day Pictures

How about my big kids? Annie going into 3rd grade and Zane into 6th, which is middle school here! 
The only thing that seems to remain constant is my poor choice of picture location. It's too dark on the front porch in the mornings, Michelle. Find another location!
This year brings changes to the routine. Zane will get dropped off at the middle school by his Pops, both of them out the door by 7:15am (snort! That's my surprised mocking scoff!). Annie will be the only member of the family representing at the elementary school, until Soren joins her for kinder next fall. She's on the other side of the school with the big kids, but is happy to already be well acquainted with her teacher, who was across the hall in 1st grade. Since school has begun, Annie has been even more chatty than normal. It seems school brings out the social butterfly in our lady, and she goes on and on (and on) about her day and her friends and her activities and her teachers for those and the kids on the playground and..well, you get the idea.
Zane, so far, has remained the chill, logical Zane we all know and love. He doesn't like the first few days of school, but realizes why teachers have to do it. He has some familiar kids in classes, but realizes he will have to make new friends as well. It's been a bit dull, all his non-drama. :) He IS itching to get back in the pool though. Counting counting counting the minutes until he can get back in and SWIM.
And Soren stays home for a few more weeks until Preschool starts (after Labor day). He will be in the honeybee class. "Does that mean I will make honey all day?" Here's a sweet picture of him and Gramps to end today with. He asks daily when we're going to go back to Gigi's house. We all kind of wonder that.
Onward and upward we go!


walt or jean said…
Here you go again. Have a great school year. So many wonderful summer moments.
Love you so much!