Week 2 in Utah Pt. 2

Friday morning we joined more cousins at Seven Peaks in Provo. WE HAD A GREAT TIME WITH THEM! We are blessed with wonderful cousins all around.
Mostly the moms hung in the wave pool, lazy river, and kiddie slides with the littles while the big boys went on all the slides and Annie got her courage up and joined them, then gave Zane the courage to do one of the scariest ones because she was game to do it with him. (Remember her slooooow entrance to having fun?) Everyone was delighted to see my kids, which is always flattering to me. I love folks who love my kids! And I love kids who will pose for pictures!
Of course water and my non-fancy phone don't mix so I couldn't get as many as I'd hoped, and of COURSE I ran out of space before getting a group shot. Luckily, Ashley came to the rescue with these two beauties.
Time capsule pictures, thank you kids!
I went away feeling much less worried about the mysterious and scary (known to most as "fun") Seven Peaks land. I am my daughter's mother, after all. Thank you cousins, for a seamless introduction!
Saturday was spent at Gigi's House with yet more cousins. And not enough pictures. I'm seeing a theme.
 My dad couldn't take not being out in his garden anymore, and started to venture out there. A man cannot be kept from him produce, after all. And Jackie boy loves Gigi more than I thought was possible, and that's saying a lot! She deserves it, for all the hard work she does for EVERYONE in this family of mine. 
Sunday we went to church, then the kids and I wandered down to Mapleton to see old friends from Clemson. No pictures but such great food and conversation. Thank you Christensens!
Then Monday we ventured BACK to Seven Peaks with more cousins. No pictures but lots of adventuring, including Annie going on the craziest ride of all, and me almost peeing my pants while going down the ride Tina told me was "totally mild." As if! :) Anyway, a second successful venture, amazing for this family in such a short time period.
Then today it was back south, this time to Payson for some MORE cousin love! Lunch and play and happy talks for the mommies.
Marshall and Zane got along great, thanks to legos and the trampoline (notice the Payson Temple spire in the background). Directly after this picture was taken, Zane tried to do a backflip, failed, face planted, and got a bloody nose. His 10th this trip (I hope I'm exaggerating). "It's okay mom, the impact ones last way less than the natural ones." Great! So glad you've had enough experience to know that, crazy Zane!
Annie and Elise also thrived, playing in costume (Elise's idea) and organizing every available play area (Annie's new obsession--mother's daughter again, it's a little frightening).
And the little boys did REALLY went for 4 out of the 5 hours together, thanks entirely to sweet Joel and his willingness to share with Soren. The last hour got a little awesome (read: screaming induced), but I don't think that part will be remembered most. :) 
Thank you Ashley and family for such a pleasant and fun day together! As we drove away I couldn't help but snap a picture of the Payson Temple, so so close to them. Striking, that temple, with the beautiful blue sky and fluffy white clouds behind it. Utah, you sure are beautiful in the summer. Sshh, don't tell Clemson.


wyomingmom said…
love it, love it, love it We used to love to go visit our grandparents in Utah and play with our cousins even though we only had 2.