Week 2 in Utah Pt 1

 Week two recap! We have spent plenty of time in my parents' happy backyard: there are weeds to pull and veggies to harvest from the garden; frisbees to be thrown and thrown and thrown and thrown and thrown; cartwheels to perfect in the soft and fuzzy grass; and many fruit trees to wait and watch and drool over. This place is a place of beauty, shade, and deliciousness.
Thursday we spent time with cousins at the Seven Peaks Lehi Fun Center. Some kids might not be impressed with this place, but for mine it was filled with fun. (This is one of the perks of never taking them to fun places in our real life!) Here's Soren going UP then DOWN on his first carnival-like ride:
Sorry the DOWN is blurry--it was too good not to share. For the record, he went on this ride 17 more times, so I didn't completely scar him for life.
 Zane and Annie both had a GREAT time on the old climbing wall (apparently when Em used to go, this wall was much more colorful!). Annie, who's like me and generally shies away from the mere idea of any activity that might be enjoyable, ended up LOVING this climbing wall. Sure, we had to go home and get better shoes first (no flip flops allowed!) and she may have asked if she could just stay at Gigi's instead of returning, but mean mom forced her back to the fun. I think this time she was glad I did.
She was up that wall in like 30 seconds! 
 Soren was recently introduced to the hand held version of this game, so you can imagine his DELIGHT when he came across the larger than life version in the arcade. Lucky for me, he didn't know he wasn't actually playing that whole time he whacked the button over and over and over. Win win, people. Same on the dinosaur hunting game below. Arcades and (naive) 4 year olds are great for moms.
Cousins arrived and soon after the kids were scampering up the wall again. 
 Little boys tried black light golfing, which worked until it didn't. I sure thought it was cool, but I'm not sure people appreciated when Soren had enough and started running backwards through the course at about the halfway level, me hollering and chasing just far enough behind to be nothing more than a double obstacle. hey, maybe we spiced things up a bit!
 After that showing of crazy pantsness, Soren and I did NOT join the rest of the group for outdoor mini-golf, but instead went back to the blessed arcade for more (pretend and free) fun.
 We caught up with the girls for the merry-go-round (which Annie said was her first time ever being on one, what kind of a mom am I? I'm hoping to look back on my Disneyworld pictures or any world pictures and prove her wrong) and bumper boats.
A truly fun time was had by all, hooray! Afterwards, we had happy shave ice then went home and collapsed in the cool basement (or even if we didn't, that's what I wanted to do).
Phew! I think I'm done for the night, but stay tuned for Seven Peaks (twice) and other cousin fun!


wyomingmom said…
love the "free" fun for Soren. Can you believe Annie and the wall and slides? Good to know about nosebleeds too.