Utah Week 1

Here we are! We traveled west on the 4th of July. Aren't we festive with our flag shirts?
Did you know my kids are older than other kids? Our plane travels were easy compared to some of the poor families with truly small children. Oh, those plane rides to Salt Lake City.
Anyway, I brought my real camera with full intention of using it! But when I went to upload pictures last night, there were (count them) exactly 4 pictures from our first week here. Fail, Michelle! Oh well, at least they are good ones. For instance:
 And (thanks Jonas):
 And my two favorite looooong-haired ladies:
So that was our first night at Gigi's! But actually, that was our second night in town, our first being that one big, fancy holiday day. You know, the one with fireworks. But let's face it, I was too tired for such shenanigans! Luckily for my eldest son though, an extremely long game of RISK allowed him a chance to stay at his cousins' house overnight that first night:
and enjoy fireworks as any 11 year old should. Thank you cousins!
 Okay, so the next few days flew by (as my first week usually does), but here are some other fun moments captured. Hulas and swimming with adorable little cousins:
 We spent the weekend with our favorite used-to-be-Clemsonites. These guys have embraced all 500 hundred of my family members like family of their own and I tell you what, that is something really special.  I should have taken more pictures of the adults! I should have taken more pictures period! These are all from friend Ashley's phone, thank you lady!
Our first evening there, we attempted a dinner up Logan Canyon. We thought this was all the kids, but turns out, one was having a consequence. Oopsie.
Before we left, we packed sandwiches and snacks like good soldiers but when we got there, every parking space and every picnic table was reserved and/or available only for a price! As if! So our relaxing dinner and mountainous hike up third canyon became speed dining and a visit back down at grassy first dam. Kids didn't know the difference.  Or at least, they didn't let on that they knew the difference.
And look, 10 kids!
My little sweetie loved another little sweetie at this house, and followed her around incessantly. We couldn't get her to stay on the bed too long when turkey pants there was still awake and wiggly, but I took this pictures for proof that it happened a little later (at least for a little while). This is now his new favorite picture. Thank you Nina.
 One more thing to document here: FROZEN JOY, a musical based loosely (or entirely) on that one popular disney movie from a few years back. The two girls below (Annie being Hans, Lucy Anna) were the masterminds behind it and the rehearsal task masters (like 4 hours on the first day and 6 on the second), but everyone chipped in by the end with music, applause signs, choreography, special effects, etc. And the production itself was something like 37 minutes long (or however long the full soundtrack cd was...maybe longer, I'm not sure....sometimes felt like longer.....but it was all worth it to see Greta pose at the end of "Let it Go" and Asher shake his tutu-ed hips in "Fixer Upper." Not to mention Annie as Hans...and Kristof...and Olaf.)  
Cute kids, great weekend. At one point I said, "Let's get a shot with all the girls." "AND ME!!!!!!" shouted Asher (post getting kicked in the head during rehearsals and getting a black eye). You got it, dude. 
Right after this adventure, we spent a glorious couple of hours with my cousin Maria and her sweet family, but darn it, no pictures. Then Monday we had a yummy lunch with Aunt Ginger and Uncle Jim, but again, no pictures. Double draws. And yesterday, wonderful hang outs with Cami and kids. And you guessed it, no pictures. Oh well, we still did them all and had wonderful moments together. Additionally, if any of you are reading this nearby and would like to try to add to our adventures (with or without pictures, you choose!), please let me know, we're here a little longer.
Happy first week in Utah!


ash said…
Happy, happy, happy. I love you being in Utah.