This little sweetie turned 4 this week.
 When he woke me up the morning of the big day, he grinned and said, "I'm four." He also told me he wanted a zombie cake to celebrate. Kids these days! Oh well, a zombie cake it was and he wanted to help! I managed to get him to wear this old apron of Annie's only after I told him that the front (butterfly-filled) side was for girls, but the blue and green back was TOTALLY for 4 years old boys. "Oh, yeah!"  he said and away we went, zombie cake making.
This particular Zombie cake had blueberries for eyes and a delicious lemon-blueberry inside. "I love eating his eyeballs!" Third children are doomed.
I love this Soren boy! He makes me happy (and crazy) every single day. He got 4 hot wheels for his 4th birthday. I'm just thankful he didn't ask for any zombies.


walt or jean said…
Happy birthday to the 4 year old Zombie Master.
Nick said…
Third child rules.