Early Summer Days

I can tell this summer is going to be one that flew by in a finger snap. It's already halfway through the finger snap, in fact. Before we went to NJ/NY, but after DVOW, here are a few gems.
Annie has been spending an extra hour with this wonderful ballerina each week for the last couple of months. She's going to attempt something described usually with an acronym (YAGP) early next year, which seems appropriate after my first two lines of capital letters. I think I've already mentioned this, but it is just so fun to watch expert and apprentice side-by-side.
On the last morning of our NY trip, we sat near the Julliard School and ate breakfast. After Annie knew what went on inside those walls she told me, "Yeah, maybe I'd like to go there someday." You heard it here first. :)
 One night the light was just right, the moment just happy enough to stop by the playground on the way home from the library with my littles (who aren't exactly so little any more!). It was at this playground 4 years ago that we first decided to move to Clemson (we passed through the town on our way from Tuscaloosa to Gainesville and it just seemed so much more right for our family than Tuscaloosa!) So it's a happy spot for our family.
 And as a few of you noticed, Anniegirl got braces in early June. It's funny, she went in on a Monday for her spacers and again on a Thursday for what they called "her brackets" and what I thought meant "those rings they put on your very back molars to start the process" but what in reality really were "brackets and braces and the whole works." The hygienist said, "I was surprised when you just dropped her off and said you'd be back in an hour but I thought you must have just known she could handle it" and I thought, "If I'd known you were putting BRACES on today I wouldn't have just dropped her off!" but instead I said, "Yeah, this Anniegirl, she's a rockstar."
This is just phase one of braces for Annie. She has a cross bite so they are trying first to rotate/straighten her bottom molars (using rubber bands that she's supposed to wear 22 hours a day, goodness that's a commitment!), then to expand her palette, then most of it off (I think!) and wast for the other permanent teeth to arrive. Who knows, but the girl's got braces and she's doing great.
 Here she is with a couple of her dearest friends, who were able to come over for a few group playdates in June. This is the kind of picture I want to hang on to and take again in 10 years. Happy, silly friends!
And that is that! Other half of the finger snap, commence!


walt or jean said…
Braces and friends. Fun and boring.
wyomingmom said…
hurray my computer is fixed. Plus - love the zombie boy and cake.