NYC Day 2

Wednesday morning I snuck away from my fam to try out a little CROSSFIT (whoa, did I shout that?) with friend Emily. There are only a few people in this world I trust my fitness efforts with and I'm happy to report we had a fun (read: hard!) time sweating it out with pull-ups and burpees and jump rope and jumps-on-the-block and wall toss-n-squats and I can't even remember what else. Enter tough (read: exhausted and red in the face) lady emojis here, please! 
While we were huffing and puffing in the Flatiron District, the rest of my people wandered down to the Brooklyn Bridge for a pleasant (read: hot) walk-across. I asked B to take a picture or two and he totally came through with bonafide camera pictures! Thank you B!
Look for Zane in the bright orange socks below. If you can tear yourself away from that gorgeous bridge, that is.
(Grandma's phone pic wasn't far behind in its awesomeness. Thanks Ann Marie!)
(Picture below is if you want to read the signage. That rude chainlink fence and its box buddies apologize for blocking the view!)
 The plan was to meet back up at the apartment around noon so the kids and I could make our 1pm matinee of Wicked. B texted and said they were running a little late and could we meet at the Theatre at 12:45pm. That would have been fine except the tickets had been left (by me) at the apartment and there was only one key and Brandon had it! So a nervous couple of minutes ensued. The group rushed uptown, I rushed to one station then another trying to meet up with them, we intercepted near Times Square and RAN to the apartment then Z, A, and me RAN to the theatre, arriving victoriously at 12:47---enough time even for a bathroom break! Breathlessly I handed the ticket taker my tickets and asked where the bathrooms were. A little confused he said, "They're up in the main hall, but it's not opening for seating for another 45 minutes." Wait, what? "Doesn't the show start at 1?" I asked. "No Miss, show starts at 2. Doors open at 1:30."
Oh good heavens.
So yes, we were an hour early! Do you know the rule for showing up some place an hour early? The rule is: find ice cream. I myself have never been a whole hour early to anything before so I didn't know about the rule until it happened to us. Then it was as clear as day: we needed ice cream. I google mapped "ice cream near me" and found a blessing from heaven. "HOLY CREAM: a Donut ice cream sandwich shop!" And it was only a few blocks away. We WALKED over and were met with the most delicious treat thus far. I had to wonder what my CROSSFIT friends would say. 

Do you see that smile on Z's face my friends? That is a REAL smile. The donut was cut in half, two ice cream flavors were chosen, and when given the choice between vanilla, chocolate, caramel, or nutella on top, in unison the children said, "NUTELLA!" Goodness me, what a concoction.

Happy campers were we!
After our deliciousness, we made our way back to the theatre and enjoyed the heck out of Wicked. I thought I knew the entire story but turns out I only knew the plot up to intermission. The whole thing was delightful, but I loved being surprised by the story in the second half. Highly recommended, that Wicked!
While we were gallivanting uptown, B and his folks returned south to the 9/11 memorial. Again, real camera pictures, a dream! Thank you B!

Soren had about had it by the end of their time there and fell asleep on Brandon soon after. After running to get kids and tickets to me, this was quite an additional workout for him, traipsing around Manhattan with a sleeping monkey. Who needs Crossfit, not Brandon!
After our fun play, we met back up at the apartment where the grandparents and kiddos had dinner. Thank you NYC for having amazing delis filled with fruits and vegetables and salads and main courses all in one place for everyone to choose from and enjoy! Saved us on more than one occasion this trip.
After getting everyone settled, Brandon and I took off for an evening in Brooklyn with Emily. No pictures of her yet, you'll have to wait until Thursday's adventure! But we had a FABULOUS time with her, eating at a glorious mexican food place close to her apartment, then watching the sunset from her rooftop.
After the sun went down, we enjoyed Em's company both inside her classic Brooklyn flat and walking in her neighborhood. (We saw the blue door, Ash!) This was a night I didn't want to end--my husband and dear friend together with great conversation and delicious food. I shouldn't mention this but I will: more ice cream was enjoyed. Truly, what more could this girl want?
We made it home safe but late and readied ourselves for the adventures of the next day. Coming soon: Best of NYC cruise, Rockefeller, Grand Central, and Les Mis. Goodnight from Brooklyn!