NYC Day 1

Tuesday (after Grandpa applied copious amounts of aloe vera to his legs) we packed up and headed right in to Manhattan, about a 90-minute bus ride from where they are in New Jersey. Can you believe it? Our funny little never-go-anywhere family went to New York City for a few days! It was unbelievable, then believable because it was actually happening, then really almost completely awesome (really! for 4 straight days!), and now looking back on it I'm kinda back to unbelievable. We all had "bucket list" items and one by one they got checked off until we had all had our happiness quotients (and our stomachs) full and it was time to head home. But I'm getting way ahead of myself.
One of the not-so-awesome moments happened when we arrived a bit early at our air bnb apartment and found the the perfect little park across the street was LOCKED. It had been renovated and was awaiting a final thumbs up from the city before reopening. Bummer! We went for smoothies nearby though, and the owners let us know about another park, this one open and full of children, about a block away. Phew! Soren found the water feature, Annie played on the playground, and Zane jumped into a game of knockout, no big deal. Kids are the best. (One note: most pictures are from our phone cameras. Probably regrettable later but for now, so happy we could pull them out and capture happy moments!)
After the playground, the boys headed for YANKEE STADIUM and the girls waited for the key at the apartment, then got themselves up to the METROPOLITAN OPERA HOUSE for a ballet. Many bucket list items that night.
We got the above pictures about halfway through the night with an emphatic "Brandon got a foul ball!!!" message attached. Apparently this was a pretty big deal? :) Yeah, he was stoked. And did you see that Philly Cheesesteak? Yeah, Z was stoked too.
Here are more moments with the girls on the way to the ballet.
 We got off at the same metro stop Ann Marie goes to get to her bi-monthly temple assignment. Popped us right out at the Manhattan temple, pretty cool! Then we walked across the street to Lincoln Plaza.
 Soren and I dropped off the other gals for their ballet (Romeo and Juliet! Epic!)  and waited in that fun fountain-y plaza just a little while for my dear friend Emily to arrive. From there we walked through Central Park and back down to our apartment (only one block west of Times Square, amazingly close and convenient) and readied it for everyone for the night. 
I took these two pictures right in a row, and of course Soren is in focus for the first and the buildings are in focus for the second. Let's call it a planned series!
 On the way home we stopped for tiny macarons, in honor of my dear Ashley friend, the usual queen of my NYC trips and macarons. Ashley, my family did fine, but you are still first place in my "traveling companions" contest! Salted caramel macaron for you, gal!
 Here are just a few more pictures from Grandma's phone at the ballet. I love that you can see how HIGH up they were. :) And I love the chandeliers! And I love that when you're a dancer you can't be stopped in your dancing.
My laptop battery is about to die so I have to end Tuesday's adventures! Next up, Wednesday which means Brooklyn Bridge and Wicked!


ash said…
I am literally tearing up with happiness for all of the NYC fun. Yankee Stadium and a foul ball (a REALLY big deal)! Real ballerinas! Emily! I guess if we can't see NYC together you definitely did it right.

You can feel the happiness radiating from these pictures. Love, love, love it.
ash said…
Also just noticed that my picture to the right is still NYC. Oh, my heart!