Last Day of School

WE MADE IT!! Wait, I guess I mean they made it. But man, I feel like it's as hard or harder for the mother who has to wake everybody up every day!  We should get to join in the celebration too, right? Here here! (For comparison shots from last fall, look here. Annie's crazy/happy hasn't changed much, it seems!)
My cheeky boy seems to still be cheeky.  He has been a trooper though, going to get the kids with me every afternoon, either by bike or by foot. Last day of school was by foot, and it was a little HOT so he was a little DEAD by our walk home. I have a picture of that if you'd like, for later.
At the end of last week, Zane declared he was NOT going to school these last two half days. "I've said my goodbyes, I'm never going back," he claimed. Then, a few hours later, he bolted upright and said, "Wait, did I forget my (public) library book at school? NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" I giggled just a little to myself, as he's only forgotten his library book a thousand times this school year. Why would his wannabe last day be any different?  So he went to school on the last day. And when he got to class, his teacher told him she'd already returned it to the public library for him. Lol.
Needless to say, he REALLY shouted for joy when he busted through the back doors for a final time. I made him do a jump for joy (do you like his little shadow man?), but will have to work on my cool pic timing there. 
We had one additional buddy for our walk home. Soren is a fan of her cheekiness, I think.
Hooray for the end of a great school year. 
Today we went to the gym, a ballet class, the middle school to choose a band instrument for next year, home for a voice lesson, to a neighbor's house for a pool party, home again for 15 minutes of SUMMER CHILL TIME (newly instigated by ME), then off to the lake for swim team practice and more water play. Goodness gracious, I'm ready for more summer chill time.


ash said…
Already into the summer swing of things! Summer chill time is the best thing invented ever. Soak up all of that lake goodness for me!