Jersey Shore

You guys, we've been on an epic adventure! B's parents are missionarying in New Jersey, and last week we drove up for a visit. Oh man we saw some cool stuff. Let's start with the beach.

After a nice Sabbath in Tom's River, we hit up Island Beach State Park on Monday. The sand was gorgeous, but the water was cooooooooold. That didn't stop Zane (and later, Annie) from heading in for multiple rounds of body boarding, of course! I've raised crazy children!
 I love this one below because it is evident through B's pose that it's just a lee-tle bit chilly out there. We aren't in Florida anymore, folks!
Lucky for the rest of us wimps, there was plenty of sand and sun to entertain us. And we got up to our knees, at least!
Grandpa may or may not have sunburned his legs from knees to toes on that fateful day. Too bad he didn't coat himself in a layer of sand like Zane did, below.
There were multiple shells washing ashore all morning, and the kids had fun collecting them (amidst the showing off of muscles).
Zane kept searching for bigger and bigger waves until finally a lifeguard had to go out and tell him to keep closer to shore. We were glad that lifeguard was there to go out in the freezy freezing to get him so we didn't have to!
 We had a wonderful time together at this beautiful park! 


ash said…
So much goodness! Brandon's face is the BEST! I love that even though Annie is at the beach with her grandparents she still poses like a little dancer. And let's frame that last picture to hang on my wall!

So cool! Who knew the Jersey shore could be so beautiful! I'm so excited for more pictures!