Death Valley Open Water Swim Meet 2016

Each year in June, the CAT swim team Zane's a part of puts on a HUGE open water swim meet. (As in, I just found us ranked as #21 in's top 100 open water swims in the country.) As I was explaining to my sister-in-law who came to visit this weekend, it's PARENT-organized, PARENT-run, and PARENT-apparent in the coolest way. We really have some committed swim families in this bunch. We are learning much.
 Zane swam this meet before he even joined the team, but it wasn't until the next year (2 summers ago) that B and I were roped into our current job title of "PARKING ENFORCERS." Doesn't that sound fun? I believe that first year, the job sat unclaimed for months before someone delicately approached us and asked if we could step up and fill in. Sure, we said, but why is it so unpopular? Turns out, you have to arrive before ANYONE else (besides the dear folks who camp overnight to watch over all the everything) which in this year's case means 5:39am. Once in place, you have to (with newfound expertise) pack all arriving cars into an unmarked lot as tightly-yet-safely as possible. Then, once the (smallish) lot is filled up (this year it happened at 6:47am), you get to continuously turn hopeful and often rushed and anxious participants away, telling them there is no room in the inn and they have to park way, way down the hill at the end of the lane. (At least this year we had a shuttle! Which only about half of the grumpies took advantage of!) And you get to do that for another 2 full hours, as temperatures rise and tempers flare, until the first racers (the crazy 5kers) are finished and leaving. Yeah, good times! But one of my favorite parts about my husband is his uncanny ability to crush people's dreams AND keeping them laughing at the same time, and therefore, we all survived to tell the tale. B really is the perfect person for this crazy mean job. And in my case, I just had to keep saying, "I too really wish you could park there! But if you don't move your car you'll probably get hit or towed. Have a great race!" with a big smile on my face. 
Wait, I think I am supposed to be talking about my son and his race! Here he is on arrival. Lookin' pumped (read: sleepy) Zane! Thank heavens for swim caps!
Zane swam the 3k this year. Heavens to Betsy! (I don't think that's an expression I've used yet to describe these annual swimming feats.) Luckily his race ended around 11am which is when our parking duties FINALLY started to let up a little, so we were able to abandon our post and witness him coming in. He swam those 3000 yards in just over 53 minutes. Funny too, B and I made our way separately over to the water and although we couldn't find each other, we ended up getting Zane from both angles.
 Now that's a real smile!
 So thankful for Brandon's capture below of Z, his two best swimming buds, and their giant (in form and function) of a coach, Big Show. Not sure about the mid-bite or the glasses-over-the-cap effect from Z, but I wasn't there so I can't complain!
 And we think this is pre-race. Happy boys.
 So, another DVOW meet in the books! We'll see you next year in the parking lot! And if you want a space, we'll see you BEFORE 6:45am!


ash said…
Wow. That is parent DEDICATION for sure! You are good peoples.

Zane is THE MAN! I love the pic of his coach. He looks like he is perfect for the job!