Dance Recital 2016

Last weekend was Annie's dance recital. This girl has so enjoyed ballet, jazz, and tap this year, and was in FOUR numbers at the final performance on Saturday. Maybe someday I will make her put all her costumes on again for pictures. For now, you get a few phone pics of a few outfits. Real life, folks.
First, a joint selfie on our way in to dress rehearsal.
The dance studio only rents the Brooks Center for one day, so dress rehearsal is all afternoon, with the concert in the evening. It makes for a looooooooong day, both for the dancers and their groupies (siblings). Luckily, Soren had these light-up sea urchins from Gigi to keep him busy. 
I got to sneak backstage right before Annie's final number to do a quick up-do. I couldn't resist capturing this beauty right in her element, right at "go time." Happy as a clam, not knowing one should be nervous at a time like this!
Now to the grandparent portion of this blog post! Here are some videos from dress rehearsal. Now, people. Remember who you're dealing with videographer-wise on these. They are not ideal. But they are something until the real DVD comes along.
First up, Tap. Wham! Bam! Alakazam! Annie is second from the left (furtherest left in the back row).
Wished I'd been over to the left a bit more myself.
Then, Geronimo! This one was the least clear in its artistic direction (aka I don't know what's going on ever or where Annie is ever), but we got to bring costumes from home (read: free!) so I'm not complaining. Okay, I just watched it again, here's the deal. Annie's in the first row of the first group, so she was dancing in the dark while the lighting guys worked our their business. They got the lighting right just as she ran off stage, great! Then another group comes on for a while. At the minute mark, Annie's back in it and dancing, first row further left. For about 15 seconds. Then off again, and I never find her again until the last 2 seconds. Sigh. Free costumes, remember.
After intermission were the two ballet numbers. First, Hallelujah. Very pretty. Annie (who is on the right side of the stage this time, 2 or 3 in, depending on the moment) had a great little solo about halfway in (minute 1:15), but as you can see, the lighting/placing on stage was a little wonky.
So they decided to try it once more, and I was so proud of myself because I got this first one up on youtube and deleted it for my phone just in time to record the second try! As you've guessed by now my phone was all filled up and there was barely any space, but I was SO CAREFUL to delete the other videos in time; I was SURE we were golden! Except, I forgot one thing: I forgot that one extra step you have to do of DELETING your deleted files, once and for all! A nice detail for those careless deleters who need their deletes back, but MADDENING for folks like me who need to only have to remember to delete once for crying out loud!
All this is to say I only got half the dance the second time. Bleh. Oh well. 
Next was Tarantella, but let's face it, we've seen enough of that happy dance. Here, instead, is a non-camera phone picture of the final pose, sent to me later by another mom. Victory! 
The other noteworthy part of the evening was Soren's, ahem, performance in the aisle while the 1st half was going down. That kid has sat through hours of dance rehearsals now, and when it came time, he couldn't stop the music from moving within him. He had to DANCE! It was a bit like the first few moments of the video below, taken at the tail end of dress rehearsal. And look, you get to see a little Tarantella after all. You're welcome!
 I had many people comment to me later that Soren was more entertaining than the real thing, but I was still a bit mortified so dear Brandon took him up to the balcony for the second half of the program. This allowed both me and all the people around us to watch in peace, thank heavens! When I found them after the concert, Soren was zonked! But that funny picture is on Brandon's phone, so it will have to wait to be added later. For now, the kids want me to finish this up already so they can watch the videos! Peace, we're outta here!


ash said…
Apparently we qualify as the grandparent portion of your blog readership. Thanks for taking videos! It's so fun to see Annie in action.

Our recital is this weekend and I hope hope hope that we get as much entertainment as you did with Soren.

Three cheers for Annie and her amazing videographer mother!

P.S. - We should have a chat one day about the prices of dance costumes vs. how many times they will be worn.