I heard shrieks of joy outside the other morning and looked out to see this: doubled up swinging! Thank you big kids for including slightly-less-big-but-ever-growing kid!
 Since I was out there I helped Soren get into the new sandbox under the play structure. He posed for the picture below, then started shrieking again--and this time it wasn't shrieks of joy. "MONSTERS!" he cried. "MOM, HELP, MONSTERS!" Obviously worried (roaches, termites, shiver), I peeked into the sandbox. Um.................. potato bugs. Rolie Polies. Not monsters. I giggled, then tried to assure my shrieker as I scooped them out. 
 These two giggled along with me. They are great little companions. Thank heavens for wonderful neighbors.
I realized something this week. When your kids are small and do cool stuff, you can share it on the blog without feeling braggy. We all love a good Soren story, right? But as your kids grow and continue to do cool stuff, it's harder to report on without sounding braggy. So I'm going to brag instead about our garden and our hydrangeas, and mix in completely neutral stories about Zane and Annie, just for fun. Or something. :) 
Here is our garden haul from this past weekend. Kale for days! :) Zane has said in earlier weeks that it's too bad most of our garden goodies are green. Green = not as good as non-green. Actually, I had a really big salad to make yesterday and was so glad to be able to "share" all that kale. And in the meantime, the non-green things are beginning their moment in the sun.
Zane had his swim banquet last Thursday evening. He told me going in it was his favorite night of the year. "Good friends, great food and lots of it, awards, and a team gift! Nothing can beat it!" I am so happy he's found a home with this wonderful, hard working team. And at the end of the night, he came home with a new CAT-monogrammed (clemson aquatic team) fleece blanket (monogramming is big here in the south--the only place I've lived where this is the case) AND a trophy for being the most improved swimmer in his age group. When presenting the award, his coach said, "Zane is always ready to swim, be it at the beginning of practice, or 5 minutes after the end of practice when you have to yell at him to get out. And he loves Butterfly, which makes him even more remarkable." Zane beamed during the speech, and so did I! Hard-working, easy going, wonderful kid.
 The Hydrangeas are out, and starting to overtake their own bushes with yellow and blue deliciousness.
 I'll add more pics when all the blooms look like this:
Speaking of flowers blooming, our Annie has had the chance to work one-on-one this month with the extraordinary Russian ballerina who usually teaches only the older girls at her ballet studio. They are learning a variation from the ballet, "Don Quixote" and it has been a thrill to watch the two rehearse together. As Annie's mom, I am used to getting much backlash and attitude whenever I try and correct or advise (I mean come on, we all remember Annie at 2, right? 3? 4?), so I really wondered how she would handle one-on-one tutelage from such a professional. I'm so happy to report that she's taken to it beautifully, and I actually see the two of them having a blast during their lesson. The teacher expects the best and Annie gives it to her, in technique, attitude, and style. They bound together across the room like two gorgeous gazelles, while I remember my own stumblings in Ballet I at Wyoming and laugh at the memory. I'm so happy to see Annie in her element. It has been a real treat this month.
Um, did someone say Gardenia scents to back up the Hydrangeas in the front yard? May, you're my favorite.


wyomingmom said…
Feel free to brag. Your children are delightful. Even more than your veggies and flowers. Glad no monsters in your sand box. Except, of course, for carrot-man.
ash said…
Brag and pictures, lady, it's what we all want!

It's so cool that your bigger kiddos have a thing. And those flowers? Swoon!