Late April Happenings

We are back to our normal routines now, which don't seem at all as fun as having Gigi and Gramps here. Soren was pretty bitter about NOT being able to JOIN them on the airplane that day, in fact. But there have been a few events and quotes I wanted to try and remember.
First of all, boyfriend. is. potty trained. Finally. Some kids take one weekend. When they're two. Soren took eight months. And he's almost four. Oh, potty training, the bane of my existence. I'm pretty sure it's more painful than child birth. But anyway. Hooray Soren, we can be friends again!
Soren has also taken an interest in all friends of Annie. Mostly those who invite her to their parties. So he's VERY upset when the invitation only says "for Annie." But this last weekend, friend Brian invited Annie + siblings (and mom) to a party in his backyard. A party where there was an 18 foot inflatable slide. Um, jackpot! Zane chose mountain biking with Pops instead, but Soren was ALL IN.  And every time he went down, after yelling, "AAAAAHHHHH!!!" he'd get to the bottom, raise his hands in the air, and say, "I want to go AGAIN mom!" Thank you, Brian's parents!

Speaking of Zane's mountain biking adventures, here's the text I received from him that afternoon while watching Soren plummet down this thing one hundred times:

"Hi Mom. This is Zane. I had a bit of a 😠🚵🏻 and crashed epically when going off a jump. Now I am safe and we are going to get 🍧 from cookout."

So basically, mountain biking is lots of fun and lots of injuries? Heaven help me! At least there's ice cream at the end!

Okay, that's all I can think of. We are holding on tight to the steam engine that is MAY around here. I'm sure everyone feels that way this time of year. Lots to look forward to this month and the summer following it!


walt or jean said…
It is great to see Soren having a great time. Go Zane. Go Annie.
ash said…
Heaven bless the parents that include siblings. I'm the parent that just never throws parties. I cannot wait to see you and your children. Let's not dismiss May and June all together, but DANG IT just get here!