Garden Details (oh yeah, and those awful school pictures)

Let's start with the school pictures, actually. Seriously, when are they going to get that we don't want pictures of our kids in front of fake water scenes? Annie thought she "totally looks like a teenager" in hers (said with her best teenager voice without even trying. heaven help me). 
 And poor, sweet, honest Zane. When he is not into something, it's kinda written all over his face.
But you're standing right in front of a beautiful lake scene! The least you could do is not look like you're being tortured! 
Ah, well, maybe next year.
 I could tell you about any aspect of my days at the moment and you would probably nod off. We do a lot of the same things, over and over! Kids to school, gym to sweat, grocery store sometimes, pick up kids, teach lessons, head to swim/dance, dinner, sleep, repeat! Boh-ring.
But one thing I've really enjoyed doing over and over this spring is heading outside around dinner time, supplementing our meal with things from the garden. On this particular night, I had a helper.
 He likes to "pull a carrot (or two) outta the ground!" You never quite know what size you're going to get! He would prefer they came with no dirt attached, however. 
We've also enjoyed "baby broccoli" this year, though I've yet to cook it in a way that highlights the veggie itself and not the butter/oil/salt/pepper on top. One night I commented on our happy baby broccoli (broccolini) and Brandon said, "Oh, really, that's a real vegetable? And we planted it? I'm so relieved! I just thought we had sickly looking broccoli, but I didn't want to hurt your feelings!" Phew!
We did three kinds of greens this year: spinach, romaine lettuce, and kale. If any of you know Jon Gaffigan, you know kale is normally "like spinach with hair." I'm happy to report, though, that our kale is tender and quite un-furry. We have enjoyed many salads made entirely from these three garden greens. Very cool.
The peas plants came up and then did nothing (i.e. no peas), but this week they busted out some really pretty blossoms which gives me hope! My southeastern neighbors had never heard of growing peas this way like we do out west, and now I might know why. At least we got some flowers out of the deal! 
And the cauliflower is just starting to grow inside of each plant (we've been watching for weeks and weeks now!). In a couple more weeks, we're going to have an army of cauliflower on our hands.
I recently read a letter my dear Grandma Bee sent me in high school. It is a letter of memories, probably requested by me for a school project. One of her favorite memories was going as a child to her grandparents farm out in Tooele, UT. She loved having fresh fruits and vegetables aplenty, because at home they always had to be very frugal about what/how much produce they ate. She said she thought that was why she loved gardening so much---it gave her the opportunity to give so many fruits and veggies away to others. I sure love that Gram. If she were here in a few weeks, I'd give her a cauliflower (or two)!
This final shot is of the front/back half of the garden. When my parents were here they planted tomatoes, beans, cakes, and basil. All are coming along nicely.
 Again, if you asked me what I did this spring, this would be a favorite. I gardened! Come over, I'll give you some of the loot!


walt or jean said…
Photographer to Zane: Either I take your picture, or you walk the plank.
Zane to himself: I'd rather walk the plank!
wyomingmom said…
I always like pictures of the kids but in this case I don't believe they caught Zane's essence. My favorite picture is of carrot man though. He is one cute dude.
megfutbol said…
I haven't checked the blog in forever, but I always read your posts with your voice so clear in my head and your humor (i.e. telling of everyday life as a mom) cracks me up every time. Love you guys and miss you!