Tarentella take Two

Look at this beautiful girl with a tree coming out of her head! That's what happens when your mom wants you to pose in front of the hydrangeas so everyone can see their progress since the last talked-about post!
Annie had a second opportunity to wear this beautiful costume and dance her Tarentella last night on Clemson campus. Her dance troupe took part in the Association for India's Development presentation of "World of Dances 2016." 
Annie is the dancer closest to the camera this time. If you are a watcher of our videos, you will recognize the music and dance here. But if you are a watcher of our videos, I already know you won't mind seeing it again.
Annie's also taken to writing this last month or so (this picture is a little more towards last month!). She writes in a journal, she creates chapter books, she sends texts, and she writes letters then delivers them to our pillows. Her first letter to me was an apology. It started with, "I'm sorry you've had to see the DARK side of Annie lately." After I wrote back with a "No biggie gal! Families are here to help each other!" she replied with, "Thanks for the inceraging note!" When asked by her dad who her favorite conference speaker was, she texted, "I liked Elder Ook. Dorfe's talk." 
We hope her accuracy never improves.
Life marches forward! I all-too-often forget to write down moments right when they happen like I used to (example: when Zane told me he prefers to be alone in his room while doing legos so his thoughts are free to fly around the room) (or when I buzzed Soren's hair last week and when he looked in the mirror, he did a double take, then gave a grossed out look and asked, "Mom, please you put my hair back now?) and they're gone, just like that. But the moments remembered become moments cherished, so I will keep trying my best to retain at least a few of our everydaynesses. Thanks for coming along with me (even through all the tarentella videos).


walt or jean said…
Annie is so talented! Now everyone gets to enjoy her writing as well as her beautiful dancing.
wyomingmom said…
I love watching Annie dance. I especially love her ankles when she points her toes. Her line is so perfect. Thanks for sharing.
ash said…
Such a sweetheart, talented, beautiful girl.