Postcards from Penelope

Annie's ballet studio does a school show each spring entitled, "Postcards from Penelope." It's about a stuffed pet bunny who gets lost on an airplane and gets to go all around the world, visiting many countries and watching various dances before returning home to her owner. Annie was in the same production last year, but this year had two upgrades. 
Upgrade #1: fancier costumes
 Upgrade #2: This year, her dance partner was that fellow on the right there. Yeah, she was stoked.
Annie also got to be in an additional "dance" this year (but that's only if you call being part of a Chinese paper dragon parade a "dance") (the same dragon Soren thought was REAL for a good bit and was mortified by). Here's some video footage of both. In this fist video, Annie is the one on the right of the bunny at the beginning.
This year she also got to perform in front of her classmates, as the group came to our own elementary school. There were many pop-star-like fan hugs and high fives when she got back to class. Fantastic!
Gotta go, ballet class starts in 38 minutes.


wyomingmom said…
I love watching Annie dance. I love how her steps are so correct but flow so effortlessly. Thanks for sharing. Too bad there was a scary dragon.
ash said…
My girls watched the video and then started clapping and cheering "Annie!" when it ended. Wish we could bottle up our enthusiasm and mail it to you! Well done!
Emily Asher said…
I agree, watching Annie dance is such a pleasure! I remember playing a duet with her on piano and noticing her rhythm is remarkable. It is a joy to see it through her whole body!! p.s. i loved hearing your voice today, M!