Learning through Osmosis

I've continued to teach music at our favorite preschool downtown twice a week. Soren is no longer smaller than most, but fits in quite nicely age-wise! However, he's not all that interested in sitting and singing along with the group. It seems we got another kind of routine in his head: we go to the closet, pick out a toy or game for him to play quietly (as well as pick up supplies for music time for the rest of us), then we set him over to the side at a table while the others amble in. He loves this set-up: a new toy to look at every time, plus we tend to stay after so he has time with the other toys in the room once the other children leave. This, however, doesn't look or sound a bit like "Soren learns the preschool songs," which would be a little more ideal in my mind. Oh well, I've decided, can't have it all.
But maybe we can! Lately, I've been hearing little snippets of songs during his individual play. Not sung with me at the school, but at home, in the car, at dance practice, etc. Phrases like "You do the snowkie-pokie" and "johnny works with one hammah" that couldn't have been gleaned anywhere besides preschool music time. Seems as though he's picking some songs up after all! Yesterday, during our drive home from the gym, the only rendition of Jingle Bells known to this little one so far, and obviously the one taught at the Presbyterian preschool came out in full force! :) See if you can pick out any words that tell it apart from the normal version:
Luckily he sang it over and over (and OVER AND OVER) so I could wait until our very quiet neighborhood to drive slow and capture such happiness.
As I type, he's behind me singing, "Red orange yewoh, and geen fawood by blue! inigo and viowet that's the rainbow song for you!" So I guess Martin Short as Dr. Seuss is also having some influence. :) It's cool.
Anybody wanting to learn the snowkie pokie, you know where to find us!


ash said…
Yes! Osmosis learning for the WIN! He is so so so awesomely adorable. I almost can't stand it!
walt or jean said…
Amazing kid! Your teaching extends in many directions.