HB from AZ

We had a dear friend visit last week. 
We knew and loved HB in FL, we've seen her since in TN and UT, but this was her first visit to see us in SC.
We took her to our usual places (the botanical gardens, the elementary school, piano lessons, ballet) all the while talking her ears off and eating delicious food every chance we got. (Smokin' Pig!)
We actually also did a little sewing which was totally fun for me, and HB was a good sport about all my "tutoring." She had a book showing a simple way to make Dresden Plates and voila! My dreams came true (what, you don't have Dresden Plate dreams?):
(One for each of us, a mini-quilt version to practice and take home for her, an easy finish for me):
Like my frame, do you?
On her last morning here, HB took charge of breakfast and it was DELICIOUS. Homemade biscuits AND gravy, sausage, I did the eggs with spinach out of Annie's garden, and strawberries with REAL whipped cream. Goodness gracious.
There's a line at the end of "Mulan" that comes to mind when I think of HB visiting. Someone says to Mulan's captain/suitor, "Can you stay for dinner?" and the grama croaks out, "Can you stay FOREVER?"
HB, I'm the grama. Thanks for a great visit!


wyomingmom said…
I didn't know there was a simple way to do "dresden plate". How delightful. Also delightful - mini quilts, dewicious food and delicious children.
ash said…
Dresden plate? Be still my heart! I didn't know this even existed and now I need a dozen hanging on my walls. Sign me up as HB's friend, she looks lovely!