Egg Hunt at Home

Bad weather kept us from our tradition of going to Savannah for Easter. Big bummer! But we were able to stay home and chill (aka do lots of yard work on Saturday and attend church-but-no-choir-practice Sunday) and on Monday night, we tromped around in our (little bit more cleaned up) yard on an egg hunt.  Z hid for the littles in the back, Annie for Z in the front. The back had prettier flowers, so that's where the camera and I went first.
Hello white Azaleas! I actually took pictures of these the other day, let's have a look at those:
Annie LOVED this activity. She would gasp and yell, "An egg!" And Soren would follow right behind her, parroting all the while. Z did a perfect job hiding those things.
 Annie also did a great job hiding Zane's eggs. So good, in fact, that when I went to the front yard to see how Z was doing, he had only found 3 of the 12. 3!
So then we had to ask Annie to come help, so then she thought she did something wrong, so then she cried, so then some things never change. It's cool. At least there were more Azaleas to be photographed.
(Here's the best camera phone picture of the year, credit to Brandon. Behold the burning bush!)
As a family, we retrieved 11 of the 12 eggs and called it good. Next time, she won't bury them in leaf piles and stick piles and who knows where else, never to be found again.
Peace out, egg hunt 2016! Hope you're back in Savannah next year!


ash said…
Too bad about your trip, but what a fun idea. Your yard is looking beautiful!
walt or jean said…
There is beauty all around! Magnificent!