Early Spring?

Is it just me or did the groundhog predict an early spring this year? All indicators point towards this glorious news, including pink blossoms on trees, incessant birdsong (one of the coolest things about this upstate home of mine), and my favorite: warmer temperatures.
We've been doing this next activity all winter ("race" to the end of the street and back) but today it felt noteworthy. Doesn't it just seem warmer out there?
This silly guy switches his handlebars/front wheel back and forth, depending on if he's using "super speed" or not. He then throws down ICE POWER or FIRE POWER or NANA POWER--whatever will get his opponents to "spin out" so he can zoom in for first place, tongue right where he likes it. 
 And here's the other fellow in my life. He's getting bigger.
Tonight Zane and Brandon were invited to a dinner with the college football team. Zane said, "I had better avoid the coach, lest he ask me specific questions about football." Not many people DON'T want to speak with Dabo these days, but Z's more of a basketball guy himself (when not in a pool). Thank you, former owners, for installing a basketball hoop once upon a time!
PS: it's 9:07pm and those two big boys of mine are out shooting hoops, having finished their Wednesday night chore of getting the trash and recyclables to the road. They could not do such a thing in winter! 


ash said…
Happy, happy, happiness. Thanks for the glimpse into your everydaynesses.
wyomingmom said…
I am going to try that "ice power" thing.