Late Harvest

What do you get when, instead of picking your carrots at harvest-time, you let them grow, grow, grow?
You get teensy tiny chubby wubby carrots, that's what!
I had high hopes for these carrots. Only the size and thickness of my pinky at the end of last summer, I thought all they needed was "more time." "Less dense soil" might have been more accurate. And when you can't grow up (down?), why not grow out, I guess!
I would say "Picture a radish" except I think this gal could more easily wrap her teeth around a radish.

Instead, I'll just say, "Picture a baby carrot, after a lot of holiday parties."
PS: Some clothes really last forever. This sweatshirt of Annie's was first purchased here.


walt or jean said…
Time to plant again! Peas and broccoli. Cabbage and greens. Love Annie and her magic shirt!
walt or jean said…
You could call it a "carad."
ash said…
Cute!!!!!! (the girl and the carrot).