Second Grade Wax Museum

A few weeks ago, Annie came home and announced it was time for WAX MUSEUM at school. All second graders get to pick an influential African American and create a large display of their life and awesomeness. Zane did Jackie Robinson. Annie, of course, wanted a ballerina. 
"How about Misty Copeland?" I asked, having just heard she'd made primo ballerina for American Ballet Theatre. "Sure, but we are supposed to have three choices." I thought for a minute, then said, "How about Michelle Obama?" 
"Is she a ballerina?"
"..............Well, not exactly."
We did a google search for two other ballerinas.
We settled on Virginia Johnson (actually, a few days later, at the suggestion of Ms. Ginny, Annie's ballet teacher), founding member and primo ballerina for and current artistic director of the Dance Theatre of Harlem. Quite a lady.
Annie drew a dance studio for her backdrop then added facts and hand-illustrated pictures she found from her research. Yesterday, we got to go to school and see her.
As we entered the room, we were immediately stunned to see a beautiful wax rendition of Virginia Johnson herself, right in front! (Side note: there may or may not have been a battle the day before when I told Annie it would be best not to pose with her foot next to her ear for a half an hour like she intended. She. Was. Mad. Thank heavens for 2nd grade teachers and their great {alternate} suggestions.)
We circled the room, then rounded the bend to see Virginia had changed, but only just slightly. The magic of the wax museum. (This time I managed to get her a little more in focus as well! Score!)
Phew! Another tri-fold board project over! I'm ready for Spring Break!


ash said…
Oh, man! Second grade wax museum. That's 2 gigantic projects in a row for you. A+ for sure.
walt or jean said…
Our favorite ballerina for sure! Love you Annie.
wyomingmom said…
So glad I just get to enjoy the beautiful wax ballerina and not worry about the prep.