Making room for the new

My dad commented on my last post about our garden harvest, saying it was time to replant! Well, that hadn't quite occurred to me but he was right! Especially here in SC, spring planting can happen as early as Jan 1st. I know, crazy pants. 
Before we could plant anything, though, something had to be done about those chubby carrots.
I told Annie to wait a minute for me to get the camera and when I came out, she'd already pulled this bunch. (I love how many things are OUT of focus in the picture below--everything, in fact, but the bricks! The bricks are the real stars of this show, apparently.)
That huge bunch of squatty carrots made me nervous! That she could pull so many in such a short time....after all that waiting! I couldn't handle it. I told her to hold off on the rest after all. I'm attached to those chubby little things!
 We made Soren get into the fun. Behind his cuteness is a glimpse of what another member of the family was doing during this whole charade (the cruiser works once more!). 
 Really, we only pulled about 10% of patch. And later I used them all to make carrot applesauce muffins for the choir (we sang "Oh Touch Mine Eyes" today), so I think I can part with more later this week. Maybe.
 Soren's not the only one with funny faces around here!
 Okay, with (a few) carrots pulled, we were ready to dump in pretty dirt and manure from Lowe's (secret #1 to having a beautiful garden) and plant our (store-bought) plants (secret #2)!
Zane came out and helped for 15 minutes (the time allotment required for "chore money" later). He didn't last much longer than that--as seen below, his footwear left something to be desired, plus he was disgusted with his mismatched/one-pink glove set.     
 Okay, here's the rundown of plants: cilantro, spinach, romaine lettuce, kale, cauliflower, baby broccoli, and two rows of peas in the back (in the ground) (actual pea seeds, I know, aren't you impressed?). Oh, and onions and garlic around the border (to hopefully keep away friendly pests). Also in the ground, currently. And my (Annie's?) patch of carrots. And some errant strawberries plants (the friendly pests' favorite from last year). WISH US LUCK.
I tried to take a picture of the garden alone, but it wasn't cute enough. I said, "Soren, come over here and strike a pose for me!" He came to my rescue, the lovey. Except this week, when asked, he says he's a "cheeky boy." I'll take either.
Let the gardening begin! 


ash said…
Good work! I'm jealous at both the planting weather and the garden. I'll have to get some gardening tips the next time we chat. No rush. I'm pretty sure we can't put anything in the ground until May.