He did it again

Zane went to the state meet yesterday. I don't know how he did it, but he swam faster than ever! 33:04, we think. Brandon was looking at the wrong lane at the end of the video so he said the wrong time. I am in awe of my child.
(This and all videos are best watched by clicking the little "YouTube" button on the lower right hand of the video screen.)
Right before B and Z left (at 6:30 in the morning, ahem!), Zane said, "I can't wait for the meet today. It's the best part of swimming." And I laughed on the inside, because during my (very) short stint as a high school swimmer, my LEAST FAVORITE PART was the meet each week. It's hard to be slow. :)

After the victorious swim, the boys celebrated at Smokin' Pig. Please, look at this food and try and tell me you don't want to come visit. Pulled pork plate with sweet potato fries (powdered sugar and honey on top), sweet potato crunch, and a hot dinner roll, holy moly. We can't go there very often. 
 The other half of our family couldn't attend because we had dance practice! Which means one of the other three of us had a wonderfully lovely morning, while the other two waited and waited and waited, all the while the youngest one saying, "I want to go to the PARK!" Well, this mama was too cold to oblige, but when we all met up again later in the afternoon, Pops came to the rescue.
 Anyone remember that beanie from my Centennial Singers days? Oh the self esteem we have as young people! Soren calls it his "Hot Wheels hat" (it says "hottie" in hot wheels script) and I think he pulls it off better than I ever did.
All in all, a great Saturday. Although I think it was a mistake not to go to Smokin' Pig for DINNER so we could all feast. Next time! You're invited!


walt or jean said…
Very Phelps-like. Go Zane. It is so fun to watch you zing through the water.
ash said…
Yes! Way to go, Z! You're killing me with the pork, lady.