End of February, Beginning of the newest quilt

Hello, end of February. I've been waiting for you for months now. I think (I hope!) the worst of the winter-y weather is over (I know, many of you laugh) and with March will come warmer temperatures and beautiful awakenings. Look, the children have even ventured out for longer expanses, braving the mid-40s while their mama sits inside by the heater. I am thankful for Annie on these almost-warm-enough afternoons. Soren is restless, I'm in the middle of something, he needs a playmate and it just isn't going to be me. Enter big sister. Despite the age difference, they play nicely together (well, as long as she'll do exactly what he wants), and I'm given a few more moments to finish whatever is on my plate at the moment.
I am thankful for nature! For sticks and moss and big, protectant trees. Last week we had an extended family of robins stop by to eat berries and find shelter in our evergreen somethings by the driveway. And when I say "family," I mean 500 birds, all eating and swooping and scavenging in our leaves and pooping on Brandon's car for 3 or 4 days. I'd never seen anything like it! There was something on the local public radio station about a backyard bird count that I didn't understand until last week, but NOW I DO. Tons. Of. Birds. All because of these happy little berries and green leaves I had no part in creating. But I'm happy to be living in a place where my family gets to witness it.
I'm glad nature's kinda messy too. Makes me feel better about my unkempt backyard. It's not neglect, it's nature!
Speaking of activities keeping me busy when I should be outside playing with my 3-year old, I've started a new quilt! And by started I mean cut, sewn, cut, and sewn (and cut and sewn and you get the picture). Usually I try and wait until the whole thing is finished to show it to y'all here, but this one is too pretty to just keep hung on the design wall. Inspiration was found here, though you can see I added a white border around it. Still trying to decide if I should add a thin strip or two of colored border then bind it with one of the neutrals OR just bind it with the colors and CALL IT GOOD. Then will come the hand quilting, my favorite. I can't decide yet whether to quilt on all whites or leave them nice and stark. Lots of decisions yet to explore. See why I couldn't wait to show it?
I had to get a bit taller helper for the picture holding, but you'll see the original still played a role.
She's also been sewing up a storm this week. Made herself an ipod holder, it's cool. Makes my heart happy.
Peace out February. Good riddance!....wait, what? It's leap year? GROAN!


katie said…
I don't usually comment on blog cuz I just read then in my blog reader, but I love that quilt. Looks amazing. Your past couple have nearly inspired me to do a scrap quilt - after I finish other projects....
I'd go with the colorful binding, or strip of color, strip of white and then colorful binding, but that's just me.
wyomingmom said…
I liked the inspiration quilt just fine but yours is beautiful. I vote with Katie about the binding but it will look great regardless.
ash said…
It matches the sunshine-y weather and your sweet Annie's face! Love, love, love it.

And good riddance February (all 29 days). I'm so excited for SPRING!