Big Kids

My big kids have been involved in some blog-worthy activities lately.
Last weekend, Annie and her Pops attended the Daddy Daughter Dance at the Elementary School. What kind of genius activity is that anyway? Later, Annie was telling Zane that maybe later this spring he'd get to have a fun activity with mom.  He wasn't impressed. "You see, Annie," Zane said. "Boys don't really think their moms are as cool as girls think their dads are." Ouch. Brutally honest as usual Zane, thanks!
Here are the fancy dancers now:
B let her pick out a tie for him to wear. You KNOW he loves his daughter when a tie is involved.
Here's one at the party:
Annie had an absolute blast. Brilliant!
Here is a new take on school pictures, one I might actually buy someday. K-2nd for Annie, 2nd-5th for Zane. Cuties!
 Did I say both kids were involved in fun activities? I meant one kid was involved in a fun activity and one was in an activity I loathe in every way, shape, and form. Three words: science fair project.
Oh, it wasn't going to be so bad in the beginning. We got a note home, "science fair in February," Zane was interested, we started brainstorming ideas. At first he wanted to recreate the great barrier reef and test strength of waves against the erosion of beach. ...........Um, no idea how to do that bro, try again. Then he and his Pops had the great idea of using the high speed camera from B's work to measure the speed of sneezes. Try as I might, I couldn't talk them out of this ridiculousness. Luckily, they both experienced the natural repercussions of trying to inhale pepper (to induce sneezing! they explained! Heaven help me), and that idea also went by the wayside. Gracious. They settled on using the camera to test speed of soccer kicks instead. With the help of some Clemson Soccer players, they recorded kicks by both dominant and non-dominant feet, then used an equation in Mathcad to find the velocity of each and the difference between the two.
All was going fine until this past Tuesday, when I got an email from the teacher reminding the students that the science fair projects were due *THURSDAY.* As in two days Thursday. Heaven help me, again. Two-weeks-of-work-done-in-two-days later, and voila, a science project. And a very tired mom. He did the work, of course! But I was definitely the prodder. Keep moving forward, Z. Don't spend two hours on one girl's kick from one foot, no matter how much you love calculating. Keep moving forward, Z. We have 8 pages to print out, let's not spend so much time worrying about whether to indent or not. KEEP. MOVING. FORWARD.
Did I mention how I feel about science fair projects? I LIKE MUSIC. :) 
By the way, it was 23 degrees when Zane left for school this morning! Enough with the cold, South Carolina!
All this talk about Zane reminds me of another funny thing he said last week. He was doing something dumb, to which I reminded him that one of our family mottos is "Don't be dumb." "Too bad that rhymes with 'Don't have fun!'" he said. We shared a giggle over that one. If Soren were with us, he would have said one of his favorite sayings right now: "Don't be Uh-diculous!" 


wyomingmom said…
love this blog great pictures brutal honesty = life. (I totally loathe science projects also)
ash said…
Fun Daddy-daughter date! And the SCIENCE FAIR?!?!?!? Are you kidding me? Way to go, mama.

Also, "don't be dumb" is so, so, so excellent...but your kids are MORE awesome.