Tiger Invitational January 2016: Day Two

Saturday marked the second day of competition at the Tiger Invitational. Zane swam in 5 events for the morning session and 3 more for the afternoon. 
He cut time in all his races in the morning--the one disappointment was a DQ at the breast stroke turn in his 100 IM (the first video below)(don't be confused when I tell you it's a 200 IM; I am lying). Still, so proud of this superman. His finishing time (which I count, even if the records won't) was 11 seconds faster than his time from last January. He is in lane 3 (from the top).
Next was the 50 free. Also in lane 3, using a different camera (one that could zoom in). He finished in 33.39, faster than September's time of 35.80.
After the 50 free was the 100 breast. Lane 3 again. Time from last January, 1:39.69. I of course had a Michelle moment 3/4 of the way through and my phone ran out of storage. So you miss the end of the race and I missed the exact time. I know it was 1:31, just don't know the numbers after the decimal point.
Last individual race of the morning was 50 fly. Lane 4. This one is Z's favorite, but I was still worried, because his time to beat was fast and recent (Sept 2015) (37.65) (under the state cut for last year), and we were at the end of a long morning. But I needn't worry. He swam a 35.51. He's a rockstar.
Final event of the morning: 200 medley relay, lane 8 (maybe 7? the one at the very bottom). Zane swam (wait for it.....) butterfly, 3rd in the relay. I used Brandon's phone to tape this one and wouldn't you know it, we ran out of space again. Time to do a little spring phone cleaning, eh? At least it waited until after Z's portion of the relay!
As for the rest of us yahoos, B was an on-deck official the whole meet which meant the two littles and I were the family cheerleaders/torture survivors. :) Seriously, even with short sleeves and ear plugs, by the end of the 100 breast I was ready to GET OUT OF THERE. So, we spent the latter half of the morning on the sun deck, and I just ran in at the right time to take the videos. Phew! Thank heavens for blue skies and fresh air, left over puddles, and new green rain boots from Gigi and gramps!
Another mom snagged this picture of my son and his two close swimming buddies. So happy for their happiness!
When lunch came, we all pranced back to the car, parked remarkably close to the stadium of that one football team you all might know a little more about these days.
 And that was the end of the Tiger Invitational!
For me, that is.
Zane had to go back after lunch, and Brandon never got to leave!
We got play-by-plays about the former from the latter while I sat home on my comfy couch and hand quilted.
Afternoon scores (no prior times recorded, so nothing to compare to. These will become the baselines for future meets):
100 back: 1:31
100 fly: 1:22
100 free: 1:16

When I picked up Z after his final event, he was satisfied albeit exhausted. He's decided this might be the ONLY time he tries to swim 10 events in one weekend. About 1500 yards of racing, and nearly twice that for warm-ups and warm-downs. And yet, he can't wait for his next shot at competition, just two weekends from now.


walt or jean said…
Most remarkable! We've never seen anything like that before. Zane, you are a very hard-working and talented athlete. Hope you enjoy restoring all those calories you burned!
ash said…
He's just getting ready for the olympics! Total rockstar.
wyomingmom said…
What a wonderful way to spend a snowy (locked safely in the apartment) day. Watching Zane swim. I don't miss the long waits, heat, screaming, etc but I sure do miss the swimming. It was so fun to watch Zane. He is a rockstar.