Soren truths

Yesterday, Soren asked for pancakes. (I want pancakes, mom!)
I was pleased to be able to oblige almost immediately, as we had some extra pancakes in the fridge from a night or two prior. They were banana pancakes. I hadn't remembered about putting too much banana in the banana pancakes, until Soren reminded me:
"ACK! Yuck! These pancakes are tasting gross!"
He continued.
"Ugh! They stink like a skunk!"
I said, amused, "Soren, could you please be more specific with your insults?"
"These taste like cat pee. mom! These pancakes taste like CAT PEE!"
I wasn't quite as amused anymore.
We had yogurt instead.
(BTW, I gotta go. As we speak Soren is saying, "Mom, PLease paint my nails, mom" in his big PL style. I am happy to oblige.)


ash said…
Literally LOLing! Cat pee?!?!?!?! Where on earth?