Snow, Clemson-style

Hey look everyone: IT'S SNOWING IN CLEMSON!!!!!! mean you can't see any snow? Hee hee. Me neither.
Let's try again. After all, it's the ONLY thing being talked about at school this week. Snow on Wednesday! Snow on Wednesday! Snow, right after school, on Wednesday! Well, here we were, right after school on Wednesday. 
Some snow, eh?
Let's take another look.
 Oh, you mean those itsy bitsy teeny weeny flecks of white coming from the sky and melting upon impact? Look, there's one (and only one!), on Soren's forehead there!
 One was enough for Soren. "It's CHRISTMAS!" (He's been waiting for snow to come for weeks so that we can finally have Christmas. Hours later, he wept as I told him we weren't getting out the Christmas tree again.)
Look at this, one picture where it actually looks like snow might be falling! (And could my Annie be any happier about it, do you suppose? "Oh my word, these are the biggest snowflakes in the whole, wide world!!!" Poor girl. Maybe what she doesn't know won't hurt her.)
 The two littles were ready in case the possibility of sledding happened upon them at any point!
Meanwhile, Zane kept trying to catch snowflakes in his mouth. He didn't think he had been very successful, but I think his glasses tell us otherwise (even if those too changed to water on impact). 
Next, another idea. "Maybe if we move over to the yard we'll find more snow!" Okay kids! Good luck, kids! 
Snow. For about 15 minutes. Then back to life as usual.
And yet.... the schools were put on two-hour delay the next morning. 
(We expect to get another bit tonight--schools closed tomorrow, just in case!)


walt or jean said…
The snow is really building up on that one leaf.
wyomingmom said…
I was going to send a picture of our snow and remembered it is your blog so I can't but we have SNOW. President said for all missionaries to not drive under any circumstances but they couldn't anyway. Too bad about Christmas though.