{mini} snow friends

As we were going to sleep Thursday night, we received a message from our school district. In anticipation of a large winter storm coming through the region, schools were closed Friday. Woo hoo! I'll admit, I'm over the bafflement of previous experiences; I now know to just go with it. Plus, no school means no alarm clock, which is music. to. my. ears.
We woke up Friday, HOPING for snow to play with. Nope. Nada. Just rain rain rain. And as I went out for lunch supplies, icy rain. In fact, the run from my car into Publix was done in probably the worst weather I've experienced since moving here. "Ok," I thought. "This might actually go somewhere!"
Then I got home and the ice storm ended and slowly, slowly, sloowwly, snow started to fall. By late afternoon, there was FINALLY enough to build a snowman. Well, if you can even call this fellow a snowman.
Let's face it, he's darling and she had a ball. And the rest of us stayed inside and built Perler Bead hot wheels cars. 
Definite snow day win!
 As we were going to sleep that night, our ever-un-reliable-and-yet-so-convenient phone-app weather reports were telling us that maybe there wasn't going to be as much snow as anticipated. Oh well, I thought, At least Annie got her snowman. And I got a pretty picture of our snowy front yard at dusk for the blog. 
Little did I know what was coming!


walt or jean said…
Love the little snowman, but mostly, Annie's smile. Your yard looks good with a little frosting.
ash said…
Cute Annie girl. I remember REJOICING when those snow phone calls came. Enjoy the "snow," sister!