February Fling 2016

Zane was at it again today with his swimming. This meet was the February Fling in Spartanburg, and we let him go mostly because he remembered it fondly from last year. Last year he was also less than a second off the state cut for his 50 butterfly; this year he had almost 2 seconds to cut and after cutting huge time in the last meet, we weren't expecting anything too exciting to happen today.
And then he went ahead and got under the state cut for his 50 butterfly again. He cut over 2 seconds in two weeks, from a 35.51 to a 33.20. Time to beat in order to go to state was 33.79. Well there you go.
He swam in 4 additional events, including the 100 IM (below) which he DQed in last meet. He ALMOST did again, but in the video you'll see he separated his hands at the end of his breast stroke in the nick of time--PHEW! He also won the heat with a 1:17.54.
The next video isn't a video at all, but a picture of his time in the 50 butterfly. Turns out, Brandon isn't perfect and only took a picture, no video for that one. Stay tuned for the state meet video instead! For now, Zane was in lane 2, 2nd place, with a 33.20 time.
Following the 50 butterfly, Zane swam the 100 free. This one is a fun video, with his little motor legs propelling him forward the whole race. That kid's a swimmer! Time on the race, 1:11.19  (33.2 split). Down from 1:15.97.
Then there was the 50 breast. Brandon wasn't directly in front of Zane's lane for this video, but managed to capture it nonetheless. Time was 42.02 (down from 45.03).
Finally, quick as can be after the 50 breast, the 200 fly happened. 200 fly, what?! And the last race of the day? Zane said he didn't even have time to put his towel back between races. The video isn't complete, but only misses the first 75, so you get to watch long enough to get tired yourself and wonder how the heck that kid is still swimming. He finished with a 3:03.24. Phew!
In fact, the whole day could be summed up with that one word if you ask me: phew! Better you than me, Zane!
We'll see you in two weeks at the State meet.