Doodle trail happiness

The day after Christmas we woke up to SUNSHINE (we hadn't seen the sun for days) and gloriously warm temperatures. We knew we had to seize the opportunity and have another go at a family biking excursion.
I'm not sure everyone knows this, but Brandon was a mountain biker in a previous life. So all the patience/brawn needed to get four bikes, a child seat, helmets, water bottles, etc, into our car can be passed to Brandon while I handle the readying of the kiddos/food/etc. It ALMOST makes it all not seem like the big ol' chore that it is! Hooray for previous lives and hobbies!
With everything packed, we jumped in and drove about 20 minutes away to downtown Easley (sometimes nicknamed Weasley because we hadn't yet figured out any redeeming qualities--until that day!) where the Doodle Trail begins.
From there we loaded up the bikes and began!
This 7.5 mile paved trail running from Easley to Pickens is apparently sitting right on top of the old Doodle train track, named Doodle because it couldn't turn around and had to ride backwards in one direction, like a doodlebug. (You learn things every day!)
It. Was. Awesome.
Everything that had gone wrong the day before (bad weather, bumpy muddy roads, too much up and down hill) was replaced with its opposite. Beautiful skies and temperatures, clean dry roads, little ups and downs with only the occasion "hill." Thank you Doodle trail!
Along the way there were stop signs and natural resting spots. One place even had horses and--GET THIS!!-- Zane actually wanted to stop and take a picture!! Miracles, all thanks to the Doodle.
When we got to Pickens (took us about an hour), we felt like rockstars!

Then we felt our tummies rumble--we were hungry! Thank you Subway for coming our rescue, seeing as I hadn't thought we'd make it all the way to Pickens and had left our packed lunch in the car!
Of course, after lunch we had to ride the 7.5 miles back. The last mile or so was NOT Annie's favorite, and she might have collapsed triathlon-on-Labor-Day-style at our car and proclaimed she was never coming back. Hopefully she'll change her mind before too long.
This day was truly the first day I believed our little family might have the capacity to create fun memories (outside the house) together. I REALLY hope 2016 brings more free time for our Pops/Brandon so we can have more of the same kinds of experiences (whether Annie likes them or not!).


ash said…
A perfect day! I'm so happy for your little family and the magnificent Doodle Trail! Next you could do the Swamp Rabbit and start at the zoo and stop at the little hippie grocery store for a cookie before turning around. Wish we could do it with you!