Christmas Happenings

Guess where we went for Christmas? Nowhere!
Guess what we did for Christmas? Nothing!
It was so awesome; I highly recommend it.
Okay, so by "nowhere" I just mean that we stayed home and chilled. And by "nothing" I mean that we did playdough and made cookies and played games and made more cookies and planned exotic (for us) menus and frosted cookies and rode bikes and were tired at the end of every day of the break. But not TOO tired. And we got to sleep in our own beds at night. Except when Soren would sneak up into Annie's bed after we said "goodnight."
In essence, we had a "staycation" if you will. And THAT I can highly recommend.
Here are some photos to document the (un)fun.

One evening, Soren and Annie played with playdough (Soren received it from nursery class, where his leader KNEW he needed GREEN, I so appreciated her) for over an HOUR. Seriously, I look at playdough and about 10 seconds in I'm done. OVER AN HOUR people. It was heaven.
 Now for the cookies. We made Gigi's traditional peanut butter kiss cookies one afternoon (same day as the playdoguh, it seems, from the look of Annie's outfit). This was before the sugar rush/permanent stomach ache had set in, and those cookies were hard to resist! I used the recipe on the back of the kisses package. DeWISHious.

Zane was inspired by our Thanksgiving guests and wanted to have an epic week of good food. We scoured the cookbooks, and found about 10 ideas, then made a schedule and a grocery list, and we were off. Although we can't remember all of them now, here are a few things on the menu leading up to Christmas: 
flank steak fajitas (100 days of real food cookbook)
4 different kinds of homemade salsa for multiple salsa bars (salsa book from williams-sonoma)
beef chow mein
asian chicken wraps (allie hoopes)
stuffed mushrooms (melissa adams family book)
oreo cheesecake cups (same)
slow-cooker bbq pork ribs (100 days of real food)
Zane and I are both embarrassed, because we can't remember what else we made! But know that he helped with EVERYTHING and B did too on some dishes, and it was totally awesome for me to not have to stress alone over dinner every night. Merry Christmas, Michelle! 

By the time we got around to making and decorating sugar cookies on Christmas Eve, we'd been to a couple of parties, hosted a couple other gatherings, and eaten PLENTY of cookies. Did we let that bother us? No!
 Soren liked to dip his knife into the frosting and then into his mouth (hence the cheeky grin?). Needless to say, we only gave these cookies to ourselves and Santa, later that night.
For dinner, we had quinoa and sausage stuffed bell peppers another score from the "100 Days of Real Food" cookbook), while listening to the choir at King's College (Cambridge, England) perform their annual festival of nine lessons and carols concert on NPR. Bliss! Then we read scriptures, put out cookies and carrots, and went to bed, phew! 
More adventures to follow.


ash said…
Good for you. A staycation sounds so wonderful. Looks like the kiddos are so happy.