Christmas Day 2015

I snuck down real early to sneak a peek of what the kiddos would see when they beat us down later that morning. Had a few quiet, reverent moments before the "stuff" appeared.
 Kids got "pets" in their stockings this year. Soren promptly traded! Thank heavens Annie loves all kinds of big-eyed lovies.
Sun came up, we opened presents. Happy chaos ensued!
Soren got an "I {heart} NY" shirt from his grandparents on a mission. It still tickles me, thinking of my in-laws taking in that special area. This face also tickles me a bit, turkey pants.
Two highlighted gifts now: Annie got a nail polish design book and kit. She and I now have a standing date every Wednesday to do nails and if any of you know me, you are chuckling as you read this, knowing me to be a bit of a, ahem, non-nail polisher until this point in my life. Right now I have dark purple nails with bright blue clouds on some, orange and yellow confetti on others, and frosting with sprinkles on the remaining few. Thanks a lot, Santa! But enough about me. Annie has found a few other customers for her nail polishing magic:
Next highlight: Zane requested a PANINI maker, and we've been reaping the benefits ever since Christmas Day at lunchtime. He also got a panini recipe book, score!  Basil pesto, pepperonata, and for breakfast the next day, nutella panini (we added pancake bread and bananas), yum! After a week of panini, Zane's decided he wants to open a food truck. I hope he still goes to college.
Later Christmas day, we went on a "leisurely family bike ride." Or at least that was the intent! Here is a happy Soren, as B readied the bikes for the adventure.
As we did our usual race to the stop sign and back, a neighbor walker passed us. Soren caught up with her and asked, "Do you live in my nay-bah-hood?" Delighted, this nice gal replied, "I do!" Soren: "So you my nay-buh! You a great exerciser, nay-buh!" 
Needless to say, I think we gave our neighbor a merry Christmas.
So, the bike ride.....well, let's just say we arrived after many days of rain and therefore the friendly "path" was muddy and the big kids (zane the crazy leading the way) took off down a real mtn biking trail before we could stop them and Soren and I (Soren in a kid seat on the back of my bike) had a very bumpy ride down down down to the end of a path, at which point we halted, demanded that everyone turn around, and biked (zane)/hiked (the rest of us) our way back UP to the top. We had an enjoyable little spin (5 min) once we were back on high ground, then had to race to the car before the rain started again.
Thankfully, licorice was waiting in the car. 
Alright kids, fun outing over, you can stop crying! At least B was happy, merry Christmas B.
We redeemed ourselves the next day with a beautiful (paved) trail ride. That adventure to come. For now, know that we were all pooped and happy by the end of the day. Soren of course got way overstimulated and would. not.  go to sleep in his bed but instead had to hang on the couch while us big people played games nearby. He was out in about 12 seconds. 
Merry Christmas 2015! Success amidst adventure.


ash said…
First of all I think we need a picture of these nails to prove it has actually happened 😉. Also, how cool is Z? Panini maker? Gourmet menus? So awesome.

And Soren? Kill me now. I love that boy. Merry Christmas friend!
walt or jean said…
won't you please, please won't you be my na-buh!
walt or jean said…
sorry, that's "nay-buh"