A Real Deal Snow Day

I've wondered since moving here what exactly it would take to bring a real, sleddable amount of snow to our South Carolina home. Well, now I know. Aren't they calling the storm hitting the northeast this weekend THE STORM OF THE CENTURY? Bingo. Storms of the century bring awesome, fluffy snow to Clemson. About two inches of it. Juuuuuussstttttt enough.
In the spirit of fun family outing Saturdays, we actually woke up early, ate a quick breakfast, dressed in every piece of winter clothing we could scavenge, and headed over to the elementary school, hoping to beat the crowds and have some fun. We succeeded! (Victory #1) Only two other families were there, and the snow was fresh and ready. Sledding commenced immediately.
Ahem, did I mention how many items of clothing I made each child put on? This picture of Z below displays my insanity quite well. Can you even see the poor fellow under all that?
And THIS little creature was SET FOR LIFE in his clothes. Somehow we had ski overalls, snow BOOTS, insulated mittens, a parka with a hood, and of course I added a fleece hat AND a scarf.
Basically, we spent a lot of our time at the elementary school taking off layers.

Oh man, at one point I looked up and saw the most BEAUTIFUL scene below, with the morning clouds rolling out and snow dusted trees sparkling. Perfect moment! (Victory #2) 
We had only been there 40 minutes or so when I got a text inviting us over to a bit bigger of a hill by the University. Again in the spirit of fun family adventuring, we went for it! 
We were so happy we did! 
 Almost immediately the older kids found a brother/sister pair of friends with whom they played the entire two hours we were there. (Victory #3)
At first, Soren needed either me or his Pops to head down the hill with (or was that just his over protective parents needing HIM)? But after a time or two (or 10 if you were his pops) of hiking him back up that hill, we decided to just stay on the lower half and let him fly all by himself to the bottom. Which he did and loved. (Victory #4)
(By the way, Annie took this picture. I'm that black-beanied lady on the right!)
When he wasn't sledding down the hill, he was pelting me with snowballs. I'm not sure which activity he liked more.
Here was a funny capture, during the time Soren was still riding as a team with Brandon. See that kid just to their left? Yeah, things didn't end well for him. After Brandon tackled the poor fellow and asked if he was okay, Soren shouted out, "I fine!" Good to know, Soren!
 We left when our feet were frozen solid and the adults couldn't take it any longer. We got home and after taking off my soaking wet socks (all three pair), I got over to Soren and started unwrapping the snow person. When I got to his feet, I was FLOORED to feel that they were WARM AS CAN BE. (Victory #4) FLOORED! I will now be more vigilant in looking for snow-type boots for the rest of us. I'm a believer.
Most of us then found a floor/couch/bed to crash on for awhile, but not Annie. She claimed she needed a friend for her snowman! And out she went for more fun (not sure she belongs to me).
So there you have it, a perfect snow day! 
We followed it up with a delayed, shortened church today, and I just received word that schools are closed again tomorrow. I'm back to baffled.
PS: This is what a real deal snow day looks like at 5:27pm (Victory #5)! Slept all night too, and took another nap today. This might go down as the single most successful weekend ever.


walt or jean said…
Perfect! Your pictures are amazing. So glad you could have so much fun as a family.
ash said…
Dang! That's the real deal! I can't believe how many people are out. It looks like a party.