2016 Tiger Invitaitonal: Day 1

Clemson is hosting its second meet of the year this weekend, and Z is slated to race in 197 events.
Okay, not that many. But it seems like it! He is amazing.
Tonight he swam his first 500. His goggles fell off as he jumped in. What a warrior!
Then he swam a 200 IM. I taped it for the grandparents. Here you go, grandparents:
Zane (in lane 8, at the bottom of the screen) sliced 15 seconds off his previous IM time. We thought the previous time was from Sept 2014. Then we got home and double-checked: oh, actually it was from Sept 2015. Four months ago. He bettered his time by 15 seconds in four months.
What a guy.
More to come tomorrow! 


walt or jean said…
Boy oh boy! Zane is the man oh man!
wyomingmom said…
Naturally I watched most of the videos before I could make them full screen. An excellent excuse to watch them again. I love to watch Zane swim. Thanks for all of the videos.