Thankful Tree 2015

Ah, the thankful tree. This is the one night a year I have a bonafide activity planned for Family Home Evening. I was so hoping we'd get some of Annie's sweet spellings before we land completely in spell check mode. She didn't disappoint, even if only for the title (seen below on the trunk).
 It was a great way to peek into our children's minds right now: see their loves, their motivations, what makes their worlds go 'round. We sat in a circle and passed the tree around. 
Annie: God
Zane: Legos
Annie: grandparents
Zane: Netflix
Annie: pillows
Zane: Sausage Pasta
Annie: Teachers
Zane: good cooks (he made sure to mention like those we had just had. inferring not our usual)

A pattern established. You get the picture.
Annie: clothes
Zane: khan academy
Annie: water
Zane: mountain biking
 I'm glad to see at least Publix remains front and center.
Great news: Soren is a bit younger than the other two so we can presumably repeat this activity every year FOREVER. Thank you Ross Familiy Thankfull Tree 2015!


ash said…
Publix! Self-sufficient grad students! Khan Academy! So much to be thankful for!