Sunshine-y December Days

Speaking of things to be thankful for, we have had some incredible weather these past few weeks. (I think it's rained a fair bit as well, but that's not what this post is about so we're going to ignore such details!)
I mean seriously, you know Heaven smiles down on you when it's 73 degrees on your birthday in mid-December!
My boys have been taking advantage, be it a mountain biking hour (big boys) or a mariokart-style race to the stop sign on the corner (little dude shown below) (Nana peel! Fiah Powah! Ice Powah! etc!).
 When our friends came for Thanksgiving, the seat on Soren's balance bike got raised and now he can scoot right along! (We tried a similar height this summer and he didn't know what to do). Now look below. That's the look of freedom right there folks. :) 
Actually, he likes to "scoot along" ONLY when his path is pretty much level. If it's too uphill, he slooooows down (but of course doesn't want a push); if it's too downhill, he slooooooows down ("Brakes Mom! I NEED MY BRAKES!!!!!).
Maddening. But also, pretty cute.
 Not to jinix anything, but it's supposed to be 73 and sunny again on Christmas Day: "I'm dreaming....of a warm....Christmas!" Best present a girl could ask for.


ash said…
Looks like you're in the right place, lady. If you ever feel the need for a white Christmas or snowy dangerous canyons to drive through you know where to find me!