Hiking happiness in unexpected places

One secret of where we live is that nature abounds RIGHT outside.  Like, real nature. Trails to waterfalls kind of nature, six minutes away. In between the junior high and the high school.
We have lived here three and a half years and this is the first I've seen of it.
We'd better keep on living here.
Brandon and Zane have both recently acquired new (to them) mountain bikes and have been exploring this section of town on a fairly regular basis this fall. I didn't realize walkers could enjoy the trails as well, but apparently nature is intended for all, not just the adventurers-on-bikes! So, one day while our friends were here, we enjoyed a short hike together. To this:
Believe it.
The (getting bigger every day) big kids loved it because they could be a little independent in their explorations. I loved it because we were in between the junior high and high school. If lost, our children WOULD be found eventually.
Close up of the three cuties:
 We made the little people stick closer to us, which Soren wasn't too jazzed about:
No I'm kidding. However, he HAD just looked behind him when I told him to back up a little for the picture and been AMAZED to see a WATERFALL! "Whoa, mom, wook, a WATAHFAH!" (We'd only been hanging out at its base for 10 minutes already!)
Although Cami is usually the photographer of the family, she had stayed behind with a few sick kiddos, so Brad had to help us with this family shot. Other than the fact that you can't see where my hair ends and the autumn leaves begin, I'd say it was a pretty good capture.
Right after the family shot, Soren decided to get REALLY up close and personal with the watahfah by jumping RIGHT ON IN. Shoes and socks drenched, check! Time to head home, also check!
 A twenty or so minute walk to the car and a six minute drive later, and we were home. 
Thank you once again, South Carolina home. You're still full of surprises! I'll be back next year in time to see the leaves on the trees!


walt or jean said…
Sometimes you've just gotta jump in! Beautiful places so close to home. Lovely children.
ash said…
Love those faces in the family picture, but Soren's face after getting wet is my fave!