Asheville with Friends

I have quite a bit of catching up to do! And this isn't exactly the season for "lots of extra time!" I'll try to get the most important parts, at least.
About a month ago, we were able to head north about 90 minutes and meet up with some dear Florida friends now living in Knoxville, TN.
We first went back to white duck taco shop, a place I've been dreaming about since our first visit there this summer. If you find yourselves in Asheville, NC, go to white duck!

We had a few ideas of what to do indoors for our chilly November visit together, but when the weather warmed up just enough (almost 50 degrees, yay!) we decided to spend our time outside at the North Carolina Arboretum instead. The Arboretum has a fun internal geocaching expedition we'd read about online, and our kids happily spent the next couple of hours tromping through the park/woods with their handheld gps devices, looking for hidden treasures. There were five geocaching sites total, just the right amount for everyone to have a chance to lead a time or two without being so many as to get discouraging! 
Here the kids are at the first discovery. Note: I had just instructed Soren to "LOOK UP!"
 Each time the kids got close (less than 10 ft as per the gps calcuations), they would overtake the area, poking, prodding, and digging all around until they found the jar with the notebook (where I think we signed our name as "Corry Village Pirates" as that is where we all came from) and prizes. We would take a prize, replacing it with a little treasure (a pirate coin of course!) of our own. It was such a fun activity for these adventurous kiddos, plus the safe and somewhat enclosed forest allowed us parents to walk and visit a little more freely while the kids forged ahead.

We really couldn't have asked for a better activity that beautiful fall afternoon.
Megan, Po, and their boys have always been such great friends to us. We are lucky to be living this close to each other! We hope this is the beginning of many fun, family outings together.


wyomingmom said…
Sounds so fun. Friends and adventure.