Annie's First Appearance in The Nutcracker

Here it is, the official Nutcracker post!
Warning: I did not get real camera pictures of Annie in costume. Boo! Shame on me! It was because I was writing and planning and rehearsing both a ward Christmas program and a Stake Christmas program, both also happening on one of Annie's Nutcracker days. Groan. Not a good enough excuse!

Anyway, Annie was a SOLDIER and a LITTLE FLOWER this year.
The soldier is in the first act of course. Annie got to battle the mice, hers being particularly fun as he swung her around by an arm and leg for some of it. She also got to hold the Nutcracker Prince's paper mache head (that sound weird) after he defeated the mouse king (who totally freaked Soren out in rehearsals) and went on his way with Clara.
They kept these cheeks on with fake eyelash glue. As if I have any idea what that is!
Then near the end of the second act, Annie got to be a small flower. Bring on the ballerina here folks!
It was quite an honor for her to be chosen as a flower this year. She was the youngest dancer, but you'd never know it with her confidence and poise.
I got to tape just a little bit of the dance at the dress rehearsal (before, of course, my phone ran out of space. I continue to be myself, I hope that pleases everyone). Annie is the furthest dancer on the right as they begin:
I was so proud of her!
We got yellow roses because they are her favorite, and then I made her pose WITH the flowers, because I'm absolutely cool like that. 

 She even got a t-shirt, which in our family is BIG right now.
Granted, rehearsals happened EVERY SATURDAY from August until Thanksgiving. (And the studio is on the OTHER SIDE of Clemson football traffic!) Still, this production was something special. Here's to the next decade of our lives with sweet, ballet-erific Anniegirl. (Note to self: real camera next time!)


wyomingmom said…
I really like the fake camera pictures of Annie. And the little video. She is an excellent dancer. And the flowers. And the t-shirt. And I am glad that Soren survived his encounter with the mouse king.