A shared Michelle moment

We will get to Christmas soon. First, here's a peek into my life today. 
Well, let's step back a day first.
Yesterday, I made every child I have cry. Not on purpose, of course. But cry they did, and me too. Not our best day. So today, I wanted to make it up to them. However, there were a few hurdles.
First of all, I don't really like to leave the house. Too many variables, why would I want variables when I like my house?
More pertinent to this story, though, is that I am about the cheapest person on this planet and spending money, especially right after Christmas, pains me deeply. Normal people take their kids to the movies for fun, but when I took my kids this summer it was almost thirty bucks and I'm sorry but Shaun the Sheep was not worth thirty bucks! 
Luckily for my deprived children, we received a gift certificate to the movies from aunt Lindsey for Christmas, and although the big boys used a portion of it for STAR WARS last week (like the rest of the world--remember when star wars geeks referred to people other than regular people? are these geeks bugged that everyone else has jumped on the band wagon?) there was still some movie fundage to enjoy. Exactly enough fundage, in fact, for 4 people to matinee on Tuesday. I looked up movies early this morning (after Body Pumping AND running before anyone else was awake, in hopes of being happy once everyone else was awake), and found showings of "The Good Dinosaur" at our two nearby theaters. One theater only offered it in 3D which I knew wouldn't work for Soren, so we made plans to go to the other one at 11am.
Now, I don't like to be early to places, did you know this about me? I like to be between 1 minute early and 1 minute late, but preferably RIGHT. ON. TIME. I understand what a crazy person this makes me. Still, I did not want to be early to this 11am movie. So we hemmed and hawed, dreamed up lunch panini recipes for when we got home (story later), and at exactly 10:34 (it takes about 25 minutes to get to the theater), I ordered my children into the car and we were on our way.
We made it as far as our library (10 minutes away usually, but we had made it in 9, look at us) when I thought to look back and see if Z had on his glasses. Because any of you who have gone to the movies with Zane know that pretty much 10 times out of 10 he's going to forget his glasses. Why didn't I think of looking for this at the house before we left, you ask? It might have something to do with the fact that I haven't myself been to a movie in a real theater since that one time this summer (in which he forgot his glasses and I didn't notice until we were PULLING IN TO THE THEATER PARKING LOT and had to go home and get them because I'm so cheap that I will not pay for a movie that my child can't even see) and since I can't even remember things that happened yesterday in terms of "take note of this and do things differently in the future to improve the quality of your life," how in the world am I supposed to remember six months ago? Not to mention, when trying to leave exactly on time, my brain is thinking more about pull-ups and wipes and sippy cups and snacks and wallet and keys and oh yes, almost forgot the gift certificate and there just isn't room in there for the thought of Z's glasses!
Should have thought of Z's glasses. When I looked at him by the library, there were no glasses.
"Z!" I shrieked. 
Yes, your glasses. We u-turned at the laundromat across from the library and were on our way back to our "neighborhood" (one of Soren's new favorite words: "Look, here's my nay-ba-hood!!"), me doing the math in my head to see if I add 18 minutes to our trip, and there are usually 17+ minutes of previews (at least there were this summer), could we still make it in time!? 
We decided to go for it. 
Back to the house, got the glasses, back on the road, counting the minutes, being more than stressed about arriving at an 11am movie at 11:16 (first time ever I was so thankful for previews); I had to call my mom to help pass the time while Annie fretted (she's like me), Zane felt guilty, and Soren asked about places in his nay-ba-hood.
We arrive at the theater at 11:15, parking lot almost full. We park at the far end, look for cars, rush to the outside ticket counter. Breathlessly I say as I'm pulling the gift certificate out of my backpack, "Four tickets to 'Good Dinosaur' please, and yes I know it started 16 minutes ago" because I see the ticket gal glance down and I think she's looking at movie times.
But she isn't looking at movie times.
"Um, that gift certificate is for the other movie theater."
~more crickets~
"......Of course it is. How much for four tickets, then?"

I texted all this to Brandon, to which he replied: That's what you get for trying to leave the house!
Amen, brother!
(ps: movie was good, but too loud and action packed for Soren. Three minutes in he says, "Mom, please can we go home now?")


walt or jean said…
Another epic journey out of the house!
wyomingmom said…
I don't think Brandon was truly sympathetic. I am. Glad you (most of you) enjoyed the movie.
ash said…
Oh Michelle! I seriously love you! Sorry about the drama, but way to be a good mom anyway.