That tree

I've become an obsessed admirer. 
Not of a movie star or a great musician or anything.
No no, actually, it's the tree in my front yard. 
Can you blame me?
 This tree has been incredible to watch these last weeks. In past years it's turned yellow one day and dropped all its leaves the next. But this year (I think the temperatures have remained warmer? Or maybe it has something to do with all the rain?), the leaves have lingered.
It's been like an early birthday present.
 I don't tend to be an optimist in my everydaynesses. Truth is, most moments are cumbersome!
But this tree has forced me----FORCED ME---to get outside my head, get outside my house, and just stand in awe of the beauty of God's creations. If He can do such beautiful things with one single tree, there may be hope for me after all! 
Parallel lesson: sometimes it's merely the hanging-on that counts! Look how at one point, it seemed as though every other leaf had fallen and yet there stood this glorious pop of yellow, unwilling to follow the crowd. It hung on, hung on, hung on and just by existing, gave much needed color to an otherwise drab existence that day.
Of course, I have another something that adds joy (color) to my everyday. Or should I say someone:
This little boy is my almost constant companion and I am so, so fond of him. The other day, I told him he was my favorite. My best friend. My buddy.  "No mom, I your lovey." That too, special boy. 
Yesterday morning, I looked out to see it "snowing" yellow leaves in my front yard. An hour later, they had all fallen. 
 Thank you, beautiful leafy companion. It's been a wonderful couple of weeks together.
 Lucky for me, I still have my other happy companion. Posing with each frame. Because he's cool like that.


walt or jean said…
That tree needs to become a children's book! Get to work Annie. Thanks for sharing this little, but profound gift from our loving Father above.
ash said…
Lovely tree, precious boy! Thanks for the pictures of your yard! It makes me happy from here.
wyomingmom said…
We have some yellow trees here that lasted beyond the others. I am happy because they make me think of you. Of course :( there are no Sorens here so I am just happy for the pictures.