Moments are fleeting! Or, our last two weeks

A week or so ago, our front walk looked like this:
Then it rained. And rained. And rained. And I just knew when it finally stopped raining, we would have arrived in a new season.
 Sure enough, here was Friday:

It's turned a bit......autumn (she says, like it's a color). 
But what about all my turning leaves? You see, that rain for days (weeks! months!) ridiculousness has been brutal, yanking those beautiful things down and all over the ground to its heart's content. Leaves, did I enjoy you enough this year? Was it my fault if I didn't? So much rain!
Well, we couldn't waste another moment, Soren and me. We took the long/walk way to school (it helped that the path is soaked and drenched), in search of our beloved autumn leaves. 
As mentioned before, we found most of them on the ground. 
 Only a few trees left looking like this:
Lucky for me, Soren doesn't care. Onward and upward, mom! (Check out the new green undies. It's happening, folks.) 
 Okay, okay, stop the moping. And look there, my happy leaves haven't ALL gone away just yet.
Enjoy them, Michelle! Breath deeply! Look up! Smile!
 Plus, leaves on the ground sometimes make for good pictures too:
Good heavens, trees are magnificent, aren't they? Good to remember the grandeur of them (Children used here for scale):
 I think I'm trying to be metaphorical tonight; it's not working. 
Moral of my story: if there are still autumn leaves on your trees, go look at them right now! 
If not, find a child to smile at you. The grandeur is about the same (Trees used here for scale).
Onward and upward!


katie said…
I keep waiting for autumn to hit in Texas....
Love your blog. I'm glad you keep it up and inspire me to keep (kinda) up on ours :-)
Tina said…
Your huge trees in SC are really beautiful! Not so many huge trees here in UT. It's one thing I miss about IL, huge trees and RED leaves. We do have pretty snow-dusted mountains. So that's cool, I guess. Just not very autumn-y.