A happy moment (or two) of Nick

With Halloween over with, we could focus on the REAL highlight of the weekend: my brother Nick stopped by on his epic solo drive from somewhere in the east to somewhere in the not east.
We had about 6 hours with him.
15 if you count sleeping.
We soaked in every minute.
Nick single-handedly made all my children's Sunday evening dreams come true: he played multiple games with Zane, let Annie pose ballet-style for pictures while she talked his ear off about--you guessed it--ballet (I hope to see those someday, bro! can't get cr2 files to open on my computer), and tickled and tackled with Soren while I breathed happy sighs of thankful relief and Brandon snored on the couch nearby.
(Ashley, the pop-up flash worked miracles again!)
 We all decided we'd like Nick to come over every Sunday evening. Mulan quote: "Can you stay forever?"
Good luck on your next adventure, dear brother. Thank you SO much for treating us to a little bit of yourself.


ash said…
Four of my favorite faces in the world! Hooray for Nick (and the flash mirror)!
walt or jean said…
Congrats to Nick for the successful trip. We had a similar experience visiting with him. He is a very special person in all of our lives. The Ross kids are adorable.
Tina said…
You're lucky you got six hours! We got about 45 minutes. :)