real nature hidden behind not-so-real nature....and school pictures

The kids and I were putting up a few fall decorations last weekend. It was time to take down the Jan-Sept wreath and put up the Oct-Dec variety. I was excited to do this because I knew there was a real bird's nest hidden behind the wreath, with a sweet little (albeit abandoned) egg inside. Early last spring, a bird made its home there, but got scared away with all the front-door ins and outs. Luckily for us, it just moved over about 5 feet to the under part of the front porch and we got to watch (and worry) all spring and summer as babies were hatched and fed, then taught to fly away.  (As far as I know, all babies made it, miracle!)
Anyway, the kids hadn't gotten a chance to see the nest up close, and we all ooed and aahed at real nature.
Then this week, we got school pictures back. You know, the kinds that are now $15 a sheet (!!!). Upon receiving them, I remembered the picture I'd taken last weekend with the kids and the bird's nest. I realized that it did a better job of describing my kids "right now" than those silly old school pictures. Annie, almost as tall as her brother with ever-growing hair that helps when making buns for ballet (and that cute dimple that grows with her, thank heavens); Zane, messy hair (cut now, looks even better!), sweet smile, spiffy but sans tie for church (like father, like son), swim meet event reminders sharpee-d on his arm. 
So, we took pictures of the pictures, sent them back to the school, and are happy we can capture our kiddos a little more "naturally." 
Exciting month coming up! Annie's baptism is a week from Friday at 7pm, everyone's invited. :) Short drive for most of you, right? 


walt or jean said…
"egg-ceptional" kids!