Parents' visit last chapter: Annie's birthday and baptism

The last full day of my parents' visit was Annie's 8th birthday. We tried to get her to stay home and celebrate all day, but she decided to go to school and wait to open presents until afterwards. What a gal.
 Then she was whisked off to dance (she goes for 2+ hours on Fridays) and the rest of us went to the church to get ready for the baptism. Memories of that next 2 hours are rushed and muddled. Soren fell asleep in the car so we transferred him to some couch cushions where he slept like a rock while we filled the font, played games, made dinner, etc, etc. Later I was glad he'd had such a great nap.
Precisely 15 minutes before start time, I picked Annie up from dance and we zoomed back to the action at the church. She dressed in her whites but decided to stay in her ballet bun. Smart choice. With three minutes to spare, we went outside for official pictures of Annie and her dad. And Soren, apparently, who would. not. get. out. of. the. picture.
 I had to send him out to a "race on the grass," then sneak a few before he got back.
Next were a few family pictures. Oh, the vanity. Why oh why do we ever take pictures? Maybe so we realize we need haircuts? At least Annie is shining bright as a light and Soren is ridiculous in his cuteness. 
I would have made everyone take more pictures, but it was past 7 at that point so instead we rushed in, ready to start. But then we didn't start because there was terrible traffic in Clemson (dang you, homecoming and TIGERAMA!) and some of our favorite folks were still on their way. So we waited just a bit longer. They arrived, but the bishopric member didn't. The sister missionaries had the good sense to call him and find out he'd been called in to work, and we were welcome to have Brandon preside and go for it. Score!
My dad gave a sweet little talk about the different people who were proud of Annie and her decision to be baptized, including ancestors, family members, friends and ward family members, and especially Heavenly Father and Jesus. We were thrilled when Annie's sweet second grade teacher slipped in just in time to hear the bulk of the talk and watch the baptism, which immediately followed. (No wonder Annie never wants to miss school, even on her birthday! This teacher is a true gem.) 
Once Annie was dressed in her fancy new baptism dress (thanks Grandma Ross!), the program continued; Brandon first confirmed her then gave her about the loveliest blessing I've ever heard. Thanks for that, B. A song (I am a Child of God) and a prayer (by Gigi) later and we were eating treats and veggies! Total success of an evening. We got home exhausted, but so happy to have shared this special event with my parents (although I'm REALLY ticked we didn't get a picture of everyone before the night was over! Oh well.).
Here's a few days' later look at the fancy dress.
 Sweet Annie, happy 8th birthday. Love you, lady.


ash said…
Wow! What a day! Lots of fun memories and a great story, though. God job, mama!
Dashley said…
I love these pics! I love your family!