Gigi and Bampa visit, part 1: Botanical Gardens

 My parents came to visit last week! Best week of my year, for sure. I loved having them in my home. I loved sharing with them the beauty of South Carolina and the sweetness of my children. And I loved getting to go to the Botanical Gardens with someone other than Zane! :) 
 Soren loved dragging my dad everywhere and I don't think my dad minded one bit!
 When he could, though, Soren would find two hands to hold. "Three players!" he would say.
We experienced something at the gardens I've never seen before there: real, live butterflies IN the butterfly gardens! They were absolutely magnificent.
We wandered by the bright clumps of flowers, so enjoying the fluttering of wings and colors of the busy butterflies all around them.

 I also loved seeing the mix of end-of-summer flowers and start-of-autumn foliage. 
 And I'll admit, once around the bend, a few of us had to go back for one more peek at the butterflies.
If Zane were with us, surely we would have had to head for the car at that point. Luckily, our Soren was in good spirits and willing to continue down one more little trail, starting at the historic Hunt cabin. 
In fact, he got on a bit of a funny face run, which made for pleasant pictures the rest of our little journey.
So happy to be with these wonderful folks! Thanks for capturing my feelings with your outward expression there, Soren. 
We ended the visit at the trolley. "Numbah 6!" Soren yelled, looking down rather than across like the rest of us. Thumbs up, buddy! Numbah 6!
 One more goofy face and....we're out of here.
What a glorious first morning together!